Ayurvedic remedy for Erectile dysfunction, Lack of stiffness & premature ejaculation.

Started by Kapil1275, May 17, 2011, 11:00:49 AM

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if someone is aged (45+) and if their body cannot digest all above powders etc easily, then they can try Poorna Chandrodayam, which contains gold, mercury and sulphur. Kalpa drugs have rejuvenating powers and are believed to retard the aging process.

Poorna Chandrodayam is an ayurvedic medicine which is costlier than viagra but is more effective without any side-effects


ive always  wondered what makes semen  such a precious thing  
that it need s to be preserved.   allopathic docs  says  its no big deal and  its amix of secretions from dif sources. but i know whom to trust.
comin back to my question is  it the prostate fluid that matters the most? or is it the sperm cells that makes it the ultimate dathu? or is it the sevretion from  seminal vesicles?  some  docs opine that  some  portion of the  semen comes from even glands such as pituitary n pineal and get seperated from blood n absorbed in semen. not sure of that though.


its not precious and not totally waste too.
what is precious is character and health


deepa madam how to improve semenal count?i have one case with nil count he has taken allopathy and ayurveda but no improvment.is there any treatment for this nil count.thanx

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did you search with keyword 'sperm count' in this site ?
there're few home made recipes articles in ayurveda section
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treatments depends on individual's body type.
excess body heat, hectice work schedule, stress, strain, genetics, lack of proper nutrition can also be reasons.
usually people with over heat in their body have less sperm count (they can be identified by cracks in their heels or premature grey hair or bald heads)

need to cure the root cause first.
also better consult expert astrologer to see if 'ketu' is afflicting venus/moon/lagna etc



Dear Deepa,
your post are very informative and helpful for men. dear i have a problem if u would please guide me, with 47 age, some viscous liquid secretes even without erection when i go to my wife or just think about sex. it is continuous secretion which even wet my clothes, help me. i know it is a natural process but in my case it is like a disease.