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Back Pain

Started by Srinivas, April 22, 2010, 01:05:16 PM

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Please suggest me any ayurvedic treatment or yoga aasan for curing the back pain of my wife as see suffers a lot after doing a little bit work, the back paid in increased after the delivery.


is it bone pain of muscle strain ?
get narayani tail from any nearby ayurvedic store.
warm it and apply it with some pressure on painful area

do it before sleep and also 1 hour before bath in morning
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If she is not pregnant, Vicodin & strecthing exercise


if you dont find that oil then alternately you can apply vicco narayani cream
its available in all medical stores

but in long term one needs yoga and exercise and proper food to reduce backpain.
if pain is in lower back then eat more blackgram along with old jaggery in food


Thanks Seetaram, Dridge & Ranjana for your valuable reply , I use the above treatment and Ranjana I am telling to my Mrs. since childhood from our marriage to do the Yoga Aasan etc but see never given importance to my thoughts if some body else, outsider will tell him to do Yoga then she will think for the same.

Anyhow this the everyone's ghar ghar ke kahaani ......

One doctor has give the advice to take one banana early morning with empty stomach and after that take one glass hot milk which is also beneficial but then again, use to do for two , three days and now stopped so how can this back pain will get cure.


The Corpse Pose or Savasana

This Asana is helpful in releasing tension and relieving pain in the muscles of the back. In this pose, the body gets complete rest and the mind is at peace. \'Sava\' means a dead body in Sanskrit and it is also called the relaxation posture.


    * Lie on your back with arms beside your body and palms facing up.
    * Close your eyes and allow all the muscles to relax.
    * Concentrate on each external limb of your body, starting from the toes till the head.
    * Relax each and every part of the body and remain motionless.
    * Remain in this position until you feel completely rested.
    * Do this asana for 5-10 minutes.


    * This Asana takes away physical and mental stress and strain. It revitalizes the entire body.

The Locust or Shalabhasana


    * Lie on the floor with the abdomen touching the floor and arms at the side; the chin should touch the floor.
    * Keep the heels and toes together;the fists should touch the floor.
    * Inhale slowly and lift the legs above the floor by applying pressure on the fists.
    * Hold this position for a few seconds and exhale.


    * It targets the muscles of the back and helps to eliminate tension in the nerves.



In chennai, there is a ayurveda hospital called Anna Hospital, Anna Nagar.

This is govt run hospital. Don\'t mind the cleanliness. But the doctors and drugs there make a real wonders. It worked for my mom and aunt.

They will cure any kind of diseases that is not curable by allopathy.

It is worth a trip and top it is free.



first thing she needs to look at his gaining over weight , especially in waist area.
if thats happening, then she needs to reduce it first.
it happens with married women after they have one or two kids
they tend to get relaxed and put on weight which will hurt their back first and knees later