Best and natural tooth powder to kills Germs in mouth

Started by deepa, July 18, 2009, 04:08:27 PM

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This will kill all germs in mouth and prevent cavities

Take Some ROCK SALT (saindhava lavanam) and burn in into ashes on a pan.
make a smooth powder of them ashes and use it as tooth powder.
brush with your index finger using this powder and apply it to all corners of mouth daily in morning and after dinner and rinse well with water later.

enjoy strong and white teeth forever

avoid excess coffee, tea, tobacco to keep them white and shining


actually m a coffee adict..

i cant stop having it so temme that remedy which makes my tooth white n shiner..


quit coffee totally first and then daily clean tooth with above powder (atleast after dinner once)
yu can use herbal tooth pastes like meswak if you want in morning

i read a good article on tooth pastes in main site in ayurved section
follow that


mine is meswak since a yr or two..

quitting coffee can be done temporarily but its hard..


i think u can try mixing of salt with ur paste in ur palm & then brush with your index finger


dont use fine powdered iodised, packaged salt
its useless

always use naturally found rock salt

Also to avoid and cure all ulcers, toothaches etc

take babool tree bark and make powder of it and boil in water.
filter the powder and use that warm water to rinse all corners of your mouth cleanly
gargling with this water will clear infections, phlegm etc in throat also


how about using this :

burn neem leaves and store this ash
mix rock salt fine powder with this ash and use your index finger to brush till deepest corners of your jaws

this powder mix is good for curing decaying tooth, cavities and mouth ulcers and infections


some body told me not to drink black tea or coffee to avoid stains on teeth. i was fond of it though. after 6 months i realised that stains any way still did appear. so i left all that and now i enjoy my black lemon tea or black pepper coffee.


you can use the powder i said , but if you keep drinking dark tea, stains will continue to comeback


probably the best and natural method i ever tried
thanks deepa