Best and natural tooth powder to kills Germs in mouth

Started by deepa, July 18, 2009, 04:08:27 PM

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Very good suggestions by u all.
In our  gandparents time, they used to use -
1) Mustard oil and salt.
2) Alum.
3)Neem Datun.
Even COLGATE is using SALT to be in market.
I can vouch for them , they are one of the best mouth cleansers.
using alum also decreases the bad effects of Bad Mercury in astrology as stated by many, specially lal kitab, u can check more to veryfy.
Moreover my grandfather still have stronger teeths than me, and havent have a single RCT till very long age.


Awesome! Thanks a lot for the information.

Another tip I heard is that if you are in a place where you don\'t have your toothpaste handy, you can eat cheese or strawberry before sleeping, apparently it cleans the teeth!


i dont think cheese will clean teeth but certainly strawberry does:)


burn saindhava lavanam (rock salt which looks in semi brown color) into ash and use this as tooth powder and brush with your index finger on gums.

This will kill all germs in gums and stop cavities