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complete health care with lemon

Started by poori, May 28, 2009, 08:17:06 PM

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to get rid off ---

1. motions : mix 1spn lime juice n pinch of salt in luke warm water n drink.

2. in sthalyam : mix  lime juice n 2spns of honey in lukwewarm water n have daily in early morning

3. ear pain : dilute 1piece of rock salt in spoon of lime juice. now put 2drops of this solution in the paining gives immediate relief.

4.allergy : grinde lime leaves with salt n haldi. apply tha paste non the body n bath after an hr.

5. skin diseases : massage the affected area with lime n tulasi juice.

6. knee pains : 2spn lime juice, 1spn garlic juice. mixx well n have it twice a day.

7. Paronychia : hole a lemon. put some haldi n insert the affected finger in it.

8. respiratory probs : add 1 full lemon juice in a cup of tea n have.

9: hair care : aplly the lime juice to scalp n wash off an hour later for anti dandruff.

10. better complexion : massage the lime juice on black spots(any where on d body). wash off an 20mins ltr.

11. bleeding thru nose : put 1 or 2 drops of lime juice in the bleeding nostril. it cures it


i dint understand 2nd tip
whats in sthalyam ?
can you pls explain


adding 1 full lemon juice to 15 litres of water and then drinking it throughout the day when thirsty is a good practice

it cleans intestines from all leftovers and keeps stomach healthy


Ranjana, thats about a method to cure obesity

if you feel lazy or have body pains, then rub lemon slices on body parts till lime juice sinks into skin.
this will make u feel active within minutes


Lemon is also a great DETOXIFIER.
Its cleanses LIVER very well and  thats why after Hangovers and Dehydration Alcoholics have to drink Nimbu Paani.
For Good metabolism - drink lemon honey the first thing in morning , preferably with luke warm water. ( dont heat honey, add it to warm water), this is also great for weight loss.
   Nimbu paani is geatest soft drink we can have, as it have , sugar, salt which acts like ORS giving electrolytes for body.
Use ROCK salt instead of common salt, asits full of minerals and is great for your Adrenal glands which is responsible for your metabolism and fight or flight response.


when you feel tired and fatigue takes over, have a glass of water mixed with pinch of salt/sugar with 1 lemon juice.
It will help remove tiredness