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Cow Urine as softdrink in India

Started by deepa, April 16, 2010, 04:43:08 PM

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WOW!!!! Hell I\'ll try most anything once. I live in the states; Ranjana will have to send me some. I will have say as far as cow dung goes; try to pick some mushrooms that grow on top of it  just before daylight.. THERE GREAT!!!! If ur in to that type of thing ;)


haha i agree with dridge, i wanna try it. LOL yes those are very \'special\' mushrooms ;)


whats special like ?
do they taste better than normal ones?


special=hallucinogenic . just a joke! ;)


Special is like feeling the best you ever felt in your life, then mutilply that by a million. Just do it some where that you are comfortable & with people you are at ease with. Then be prepared to laugh ur ass off. I write songs & poems when the mood hits me; the last time i ate shrooms i came up with all kinds of lyrics and physcalogical theroies. But i had no pen & pad to write with..


it has to pass medical examinations & get certification, it also depends on ruling party at the centre i supose


hybrid leaders of congress wont allow this may be


they should get it into market before any american jerk gets patent rights on it


can anyone tell when will this be launched into market