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dandruff control

Started by Sharmila, April 26, 2009, 05:27:09 PM

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i herd that { its contagious . actually its a kind of fungus which keeps on increasing in number by eating the skin in our hair ( ppl say its just dead skin but other than head everywere in our body dead skin is not fungal or doesnt grow by eating ...) it can be controled in the initial stages if neglected then u need to consult a using various methods we can only reduce it but cant remov it permanently}  

Ravi Varma

in this rainy season, dandruff control is important !


Sushma\'s Zinc thing is true .
All above methods might be right.
I am telling a very easy thing that always works for me.
Use only lemon juice, no need to mix it with oil if u dont have much time.
Apply and keep for 5 minutes, it also makes ur hairs shine a lot.
It not only do away with dandruff but also gives instant relief from itching.  But do add oil if u have very sensitive scalp .
 These remedies r hundred times better than antidandruff shampoos as they dont rob ur hair from moisturisers. Even softest detergent based shampoos(which all are , even ayurvedic ones(see on labels)), makes your hair dry on daily usage, if not on first use.


One thing more,
LEMON, is a great thing.  Even Garnier uses it to sell its product using Lemon, Many Face Wash claims to have lemmon essence.
Then why cant we, as fooled my market forces use the Lemon directly and not through some synthetic essence .

Star Dust

there is an ozone layer treatment which few trichologists do at their clinics for heavily damaged/infected scalp.
3-4 sittings will clear dandruff
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