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General question on Ayurveda 'mediums'

Started by bond007fromus, July 30, 2009, 03:41:31 PM

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I have a general question on ayurveda. Looking forward for some experts to answer them.

I have read in many books,forums or heard on tv that mix so and so ayurvedic powder in warm water, honey, cow milk, kothimeer juice, make decoction etc etc. I would like to know why so many \'mediums\' exist to deliver the medicine. Is each medium for a specific use and purpose? Most of the times I forget which medium I have to use and get confused. If someone give a list of why each medium is used taht will be helpful.

Also is mixing with warm water and making decoction same?



take an example of tulasi leaves
it can be used for many puposes
like fever, throadt allergies, gas trouble, indigestion, kidney stones , weight loss etc

so using it through different mediums will help it solve different problems
using with buttermilk will reduce weight, with honey will melt kidney stones etc

its a root medicine mixed with other medium to make a specified medicine for a particular problem

mixing in warm water and decotion are diff


Does it depend on the root medicine also? For example Tulasi when mixed with honey will melt kidney stones as u said. Does it happen with say aswagandha mixed with honey also (ofcourse since the root medicine is not the same the effect will not be same, but what i would like to know is does honey take the aswgandha medicine to the kidneys and then aswagandha will have its effect?). I am trying to understand if these mediums are universal and will target a specific part of the body? I have been trying to understand the concept of ayurveda for a longtime. Are all these innumerable combinations in ayurveda just empirical and tested over time or is there a way to \'deduce logically\' a medicine for a specific problem by combining different root medicines and mediums.

I know I am asking too much in too little space, but cant help my curiosity. Thanks.


your question is about asking to explain the entire idea behind making medicines in ayurveda
which cant be explained in space here
you need to study it for years to understand



the mediums to also gives us a easy way to swallow..

the powder mixed in warm water is not same as decotion, decotion is made to extract the complete medical values of the powder.. few powders when mixed in hot milk gives a better flavour n also a strength to bear the medicine as milk gives energy...

honey is basically said as \"malina nivarini\" which means it washes off the bad substances from d body... this is for we use it in many kidney n weit problems..

ayurved is known as the permanent cure because it first balances the body in all ways n then cure the problem. 0ne medicine in ayurved can be used for many health treatments..

u jus understand health problem first then make the medicine... as i discussed b4, washing treatment process needs honey/liquid form. muscle pains needs oil massages. in deficiency treatments, medicine should be taken with hot milk/thin buttermilk.


also many powders tastes sucks... so to give a better flavour, honey/sugar powder etc is used..


Well that gives me some idea about mediums. Thanks for explaining.