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How to avoid Bad Breathe

Started by NaveenK, October 29, 2009, 10:43:31 PM

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Many people suffer from the problem of bad breath. Some have it due to some unhygienic habits as not brushing teeth properly or not gargling the mouth after eating meals and some have because of some oral health reasons as some gum problems. There are certain foods which really give a bad odor from the mouth after eating them as onion, garlic, chick peas, radish etc. the problem of bad breath can be tackles easily with some home remedies if there are no serious dental or oral problems in the mouth.

   1.  Clean teeth regularly with neem paste.
   2. Wash mouth with a tsp of Triphalachurna or neem bark powder dissolved in warm water 3 to 4 times a day.
   3. Yaaluka (green cardamom) is an excellent mouth freshener.
   4. The decoction of dhania (coriander) can be used as mouthwash.
   5. The gargles of cold decoction of aloe vera mixed with honey is very effective in chronic bad breath.
   6. Cinnamon is a very good spice to reduce the bad breathes. You can boil it in water and use it to gargle to tackle bad breath.
   7. Cinnamon stick can be kept in the mouth to prevent bad breath.
   8. Basil leaves helps in reducing bad breath. You can chew few of them or can us either water to gargle the mouth.
   9. You can boil some cumin seeds, mint leaves, basil leaves in water. You can drink this water or can use it to gargle. It reduces the bad breath as all these things have some refreshing agents in them.
   10. Drink lemon water after your food.



cinnamon stick is natural anti-bacteria
it kills all germs if kept in water for a night. same effect in mouth also

good info naveen :)


oil pulling for 5-10 minutes with warm gingelly oil every morning will kill all germs in mouth and also stop phlegm from formation in throat


Yes...heard about that oil pulling thing. I haven\'t done it, but there is a website which lists the benefits (its not a commercial website). Definitely worth taking a look not just for getting rid of bad breath but also for other great health benefits (like help with chronic diseases etc).



Dear Friends,

Just make a paste of powdered salt and Sarson ka Tail (Oil) and with your finger rub this paste on your Teeth, Gums and Tongue. After this you can wash your mouth. It will simply freshen your mouth and kill all bad breadth and germs inside. I have tried it. Another method is to make a paste of Haldi Powder and Sarson ka Tail (Oil).

Pravin Kumar



Take a teaspoon of Haldi Powder and put proportionately Sarson Oil on it and make it a paste. Apply this on your gums and tongue and keep it there as long as you can. Say 30 seconds to 1 minute or even more if possible. After this gargle your mouth with water and clean everything inside.

Now check out by blowing air from yourmouth in your handkerchief or hand and see for yourself how sweet you smell.

There is another way. If Haldi Powder is not available then you can use powdered salt instead with Sarson Oil.

You will not have bad breath throughout day.

Pravin Kumar


Soniparving Ji.

Sarson Oil - can we get in shops - what is it general name. (english) name.

Haldi Power - we are using in the House - i.e Yellow colour poweder.

Am I right?



Bad breath is just an indication and not the problem. Many people are thinking bad breath is caused only because there mouth is not clean. But the main problem is not mouth, but Internal organs. If your internal organs like Intestines, Kidney and Liver do not function properly, you\'ll have bad breath. Points 9 & 10 given by Naveen are good as they are meant for good digestion.

Germs in teeth and mouth uncleanliness are other factors. Hence if anyone is having this problem, don\'t ignore it by chewing menthols and other mouth fresheners. Instead go and consult good physicians (Acupuncturists or Homeopaths preferable) and get checked and treat your health properly.
Thanks & Regards,

Whoever you are & whatever you do, if your attitude is not good you are just 'Nothing'.


Prasad .. Sarson oil is Mustard oil - available in all grocery shops and used for cooking also.