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Indigestion is cause of all diseases and Fasting is best Remedy

Started by Virinchi, May 22, 2009, 12:02:38 PM

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All diseases which arise internally are caused by indigestion.
Proper digestion and excretion daily will never make u sick unless you dont cross nature\'s time and food limits.

for all indigestion problems, fasting and cleaning of stomach and intestines is best remedy.

for 24 hrs dont eat anything and just survive on water.
a night before this consume 50 ml of castor oil which will flush out everything from stomach and intestines.
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The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one !


yes . true.
but how many will follow?

people love to eat and eat even if their stomachs cant take much in

worst animal on earth is HUMAN, which eats when not hungry, drinks when not thirsty and has sex throughout the year



to improve digestion stop drinking loads of water early in morning which puts off apetite fire in belly

instead drink a galss of water stored in copper vessel overnight


actually water therapy helps lot to get out of stomach probs. ofks drinking copper vessel water is good for many health reasons like anti skin diseases, bp control, anti hair fall


bhasrika and kapal bhati pranayama are best methods to remove all wastage from body.

even normal pranayama will work good.

breath from left nostril and exhale from right nostril.
then inhale from right and exhale from left
then inhale from left and exhale from right

repeat this process slowly for 15 min/day

initially you\'ll sweat a lot in upper portion of body and its a good sign that your body is repsonding to yoga and removing all wastage by itself naturally


whenever you feel like having indigestion use castor oil
take 20-30ml of pure castor oil and have it on empty stomach early in morning(try to wake up atleast 1 hr earlier on that morning than usual time)
after 1-2 hours all wastage in stomach, intestines, rectum etc will be cleaned out.
castor oil acts as drain cleaning acid naturally.
then fast for that day surviving only on liquids like water, milk, buttermilk, fruit juices (no tea , coffee, alchohol) and have light dinner at night

try this once in a month and you\'ll never fall sick


Today is Nirjala Ekadasi and try to observe 24 hour dry fasting. This is without any food (cooked or uncooked) and water (or any liquid).
Your intestines and kidneys should be completely free and get 24 hours rest.
After your initial 1-2 visits to washroom, you will stop this activity. People who never fasted (regular ekadasi) with only milk or juice and water, will find it tougher as breakfast time skips.
But once you manage till evening, you will feel normal.
Once you sleep normally through the night, your body wakes up next day with complete rest and is ready to work.

Start next day with a juice (lemon or orange) and after 1 hour have high protien, less carbohydrate breakfast with a cup of warm milk.
Have less cooked and more raw leafy vegetables in lunch and dinner.

This rejuvenation helps you improve physical and spiritual strength.


Quote from: OMkaar on May 23, 2009, 04:36:47 PM
yes . true.
but how many will follow?

people love to eat and eat even if their stomachs cant take much in

worst animal on earth is HUMAN, which eats when not hungry, drinks when not thirsty and has sex throughout the year

LOL Animals eat when they are hungry, they drink when they feel thirsty, so is there a particular time period for coitus? Generally unscheduled eating,drinking,sex habits might be found in cities than in villages. I think evolution is the cause for such a major changes in human beings. Like for a 3rd world countries to run they brings in investments from different geographical locations, which need manpower support during their day timings (Eg: People in Indian work midnight shift to support US clients). Apart from this, in order to meet targets Local companies keep changing shifts like Morning, Afternoon,Midnight..etc. Hospital nurses,doctors,cleaners also 24/7. These days even real estate people making workers work 24/7. So there is no fixed clock for internal organs. Hope someone could put up few points on how to deal with such situations which could be helpful to someone who is living such life.