Powder based hair dyes cause weak eye sight and more grey hair

Started by deepa, May 11, 2011, 09:29:18 PM

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If you have premature grey hair and want to use a hairdye, never use powder based hair dyes.

They will cause serious side-effects like weak eye sight and will cause more black/brown hair to become grey quickly.

They contain ammonia which is not good for scalp and hair

Using non-ammonia hair dye which are in liquid or paste form is better than powder ones.

But the best hair dye is the one you can prepare yourself at home using garlic.


and along with this, rub your fingernails of both your hands (except thumb) against each other 10 minutes/day and eat more protein and iron content diet.

Also make sure that you use neem oil in your nostrils every morning and evening(1 hr before dinner) so that Kapha(phlegm) doesnt form in your nose or scalp and it wont cause premature grey hair


never use super vasmol or godrej powder hair dye
in long run, when you get cross 35 yrs, they will show side effects like weakening eye sight and frequent headaches



I tried preparing the Garlic hair dye at home and used it. The dye doesnt colour the hair properly and doesnt last beyond 1/2 wash. Not sure if there is anything i missed in the process. Has anybody tried this preparation and have got good results ?



Most of them do mistake in steps 4-7. and also in making very fin powder from ash and mixing it properly with olive oil.
Instead of oil, just use water and you may see some difference. (depends on your scalp and hair type, so better get a physical exam/consultation from ayurvedic practitioner)
Few people i know have tried and seen better results.
But its life is lesser compared to other hair-dyes.
You may have to re-color every 3 weeks.
Your hair may require longer time as in step 7


Thanks Deepa may be i will try again sometime and see the result