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Skin dryness in winter

Started by bond007fromus, January 08, 2010, 11:25:08 PM

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Can anybody tell me how to prevent skin from drying in winter? My skin became extremely dry and for the first time I got cracks in my heels which are paining, also my limbs are dry. Does applying sesame oil work for this? any other solutions?


apply desi cow\'s ghee (in warm state) after sunset every evening.
and in morning dont use harsh soaps for cleaning face or body.
use soaps which have moisturiser


every morning massage skin with warm gingelly/sesame oil and after 1-2 hours clean it with shikai or reetha powder.
use soaps only with moisturisers in it


best and cheapest way is to massage with warm coconut oil before going to bed and its the best moisturiser which will keep your skin shining and wrinkle free