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Solutions for Blood purification?

Started by bond007fromus, September 26, 2009, 09:07:17 AM

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Hello all,

I have been having high uric acid in my blood for many months. Becos of this I had gout attack two times before. Also my haemoglobin is less than minimum (its around 10) since many months. Part of the reason why I have low Haemoglobin is I have ulcerative colitis. But the thing that bothers me more than that is I have severe body pains in legs, pelvic region,lower back, shoulders and neck. I am really not understanding why I am getting such severe pains. And the doctors don\'t have an answer. These are not joint pains for sure, they seem to be more like muscle pains. If I dont take pain killers I am almost immobile.
Though no doctor told me, I am guessing I am getting these pains becos of my low Haemoglobin and high uric acid levels.

So I would like to know about any good blood purifiers in ayurveda to flush out my uric acid and increase haemoglobin (basically increase my blood picture). Also any theories about the reason for my pain will be appreciated.



well..there are man herbs and many ways to purify blood
i\'ll post most easily available 2 ways :

1. Manjista powder (available in ayurvedic stores) is good and quick blood purifier.
Take 1 spoon of manjista powder with milk every day.
you  can do this twice a day if you have serious blood problem

2. get cow ghee(not jersey cows) and take equal number of black pepper seeds.
ex : if you take 500gm of cow ghee, take 500 black pepper seeds.
powder the pepper seeds and add this powder to boiling cow ghee.
boil these contents on low fire for 20 minutes with closed lid.
meanwhile you can smell the aroma of ghee+pepper

after this, switch off the stove, let it cool..
filter the pepper powder and use that ghee in your food daily.
using 10gms of that ghee/day for atleast 100 days will purify blood totally and gives your skin a new glow.
applying creams on surface wont help when elements within are weak

apart from these 2 ways, eat 10gms old dark brown jaggery daily, with carrots and beatroots
these will pump new blood while manjista and cow ghee are purifying old blood
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i\'ll also try this method
u told me some time back but i didnt try then


tomoatoes, honey, carrots and beatroot are best natural sources for haemoglobin


Manjista is the best
one ayurvedic doctor advised same for my sister who had low haemoglobin.
she used manjista for 6 months and it worked


Thanks Virinchi and the rest, for all your answers. However a small problem. I am allergic to milk (developed it after getting UC). So is there any other way to take manjista? Can it be taken with warm water or something else like that?


you can take it with water also if you like the taste.
or mix it with some juice like carrot or beetroot juices


mr bond007fromus.. its most beneficial for u to drink 7-8litres of water daily.. it can onli clr urinal problems n purifies blood in best way..


Ms Sharmila -

Yeah i tried drinking lots of water sometime back for few weeks (but definitely not 7-8 ltrs!). Though it worked to some extent I was visiting the loo more than what I liked (in addition to the diarrhea that I already had due to UC.. hehe :lol: ).  Got irritated with the frequent visits, so stopped (however by default i take decent amount of water daily).

Anyway I think there is fundamentally some problem with my body becos it is producing more uric acid than it should be doing. Trying to find out the reason. Meanwhile I will try manjishta thats been recommended.


SAFI â€" The natural blood purifier

Safi is very effective in treating problems like impurities in the blood, skin eruptions, pimples, boils, heat rashes, itching, nose bleeding, chronic and temporary constipation, measles, a burning sensation while urination and general lassitude.

Safi is also useful as a diuretic and preventive for conditions arising during change of seasons.

Adults  - 10 ml (2 teaspoonful).
Children  - ¼  or ½  the normal dose to give according to age.

Normally one dose in the morning is recommended. To be taken with milk, water or fresh juice. But in acute cases, an additional dose may be taken in the evening or at bed time.
For constipation take safi in hot milk or water.
Duration of use should be at least one mouth.

Preventive for skin and blood problems
During change of season one dose of Safi should be taken at bed time with water. Especially prescribed for prevention of measles, heat rash and skin eruptions in children.

To reduce excess weight
Safi induces weight loss through diuresis. One dose in the morning and one at bed time to to be taken with water. Record your weight at the start of Safi treatment and also the weekly loss of weight for a month. If the weight drops to normal in one month, reduces the dosage to one dose to be taken at night. In case of constipation, increase the dose to twice a day with hot water.

Have light diet. Avoid friend, spicy and rich food.