Summer Special - home made cool drinks

Started by Virinchi, May 10, 2009, 05:46:06 PM

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Using Raw green mangoes

Take few raw mangoes which are green skinned and peel the skin off.
put the mangoes in pressure cooker along with some water and boil then for few minutes.

Add some sugar or jaggery and some salt to balance te sourness of raw mangoes.
After cooling down, remove the seed and squeeze off the thick juice into a vessel.

Store it in refrigirator and daily twice add half glass of this juice to half glass cold water and drink it

Advantages :

Its refreshing.
Quences thirst immediately.
removes excess heat from body and cools you in few minutes
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hi virinchi
i read your post last night and brought raw mangoes today.

made them just now
its tastes good and its a heavy drink as mangoes have high calories,vitamins,fibre and minerals


thats true!

 its hi cal drink...

i want the low cal drinks/food recepies


watermelon juice is always the best in summer
next is cocount water


Barley Water

This water mixture is for someone who has low agni (digestion). It is very easy to assimilate and nurturing for fat tissue which in turn makes good quality bone tissue.

    * 2 Tbsp cracked barley or barley flour
    * 2 pinch salt
    * 4 cups water

Combine above ingredients and cook for about 15 minutes so that it is some what overcooked. Use a filter or strainer to obtain barley water. If you use cracked barley instead of barley flour, you will need to place the mixture in a blender for a few minutes prior to straining.

    * For Vata body type: add 1/8 tsp whole cumin to barley mixture while cooking.
    * For Pitta body type: add 1/8 tsp fennel to barley mixture while cooking.
    * For Kapha body type: add 2 thin slices fresh ginger to barley mixture while cooking.



summer is over
can you post rainy season special now please :cool:


i can say go for hot soups.. i usually get knorr soups.

i wan home made recepies pls..


summer is back in india i guess
i\'ll be visiting india this april.
please post few more


Very useful. Here in Saudi Arabia it is very very hot. I will try this.