Summer Special - home made cool drinks

Started by Virinchi, May 10, 2009, 05:46:06 PM

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Recipes for Lassi
Lassi is an Ayurvedic yoghurt drink, which not only tastes wonderful but also helps digestion and balances all the doshas. Yogurt and lassi are not considered the same thing in Maharishi Ayurveda. Lassi is best taken after lunch or late afternoon rather than evening.
Basic recipe for making lassi: Blend thoroughly one part fresh, set yoghurt with 2-4 parts water, preferably using a mixer or a whisk). The flavours may be varied to suit your taste and the season. Try cooling rose or coconut, and cardamom with a little sugar in summer, and warming almond or salt in winter.

Rose lassi: Before mixing, add a few drops of rosewater, and sweeten if desired (rosewater can be obtained in delicatessen and chemist shops).

Almond Energy lassi: Before mixing, add 1/2 - 1 teaspoon of \"Almond Energy\" powder.
Coconut lassi: Add a dash of coconut milk or coconut puree, and cane sugar if desired. An added refinement could be to add a pinch of vanilla and cardamom.

Digestive lassi (helpful for gas problems): Add some rock salt, ground cumin, and two pinches of cumin, half a tsp of fresh coriander chopped. According to Ayurveda, salt lassi is particularly good for the digestion.
Also try lassi with vanilla, cardamom or cinnamon.


use the drinks made by soaking barley for 5-6hrs(max). barley with buttemilk, sugar-water, cola drinks or any ready-made fruit drinks.. thy taste good enuf..


Watermelon Juice


   1. Watermelon - 1 cup(Remove the skin and chop it)
   2. Honey - 2 tbsp (acc to taste)
   3. Ice cubes - 1 cup
   4. Water - 1 cup

Just put everything in the blender and blend it. Filter it if you want to and Enjoy!


try having sugarcan juice atleast 250 ml per day with few drops of lime juice and ginger juice added
its instant energiser


[rquote=4332&topic=188&author=Anoo]Watermelon Juice


   1. Watermelon - 1 cup(Remove the skin and chop it)
   2. Honey - 2 tbsp (acc to taste)
   3. Ice cubes - 1 cup
   4. Water - 1 cup

Just put everything in the blender and blend it. Filter it if you want to and Enjoy!


Oh my! That really looks so refreshing! :) Thanks for posting the photo! mouthwatering! :)



Mint or pudina is refreshing! But the best way to have it, is having it fresh. Have them in chutney or just munch on it.

You can have the green leaves either in a chutney or as added flavour in paranthas, kulchas, naans, shorbas, beverages or even in a main course dish or two! The perfect chutney What would I do if I pick up a few bunches of pudina (mint)? Remove the leaves from a handful of sprigs and allow them to dry. Store and keep for future use. The rest can be used up in lots of ways. One is, make pudina chutney of it.


The way I make it is simple: Three cups mint, with two cups coriander leaves with green chillies (your tolerance), some chopped onion bits, a three inch piece of ginger, salt, powdered anardana (pomegranate seeds) and lemon juice. If you can use the grinding stone, wow! Otherwise the mixer is an option. This chutney is best consumed the same day.


Partnerships: One interesting fact is that pudina goes rather well with heavy meats like mutton: I have made shorba, a preparation with mutton and pudina, and also some chops. Good combo. Pudina is also quite amiable with potatoes and paneer. Mashed potatoes with masala and pudina make a healthy stuffing for paranthas, naans and kulchas. As for paneer, grated paneer with pudina can be made into a stuffing for samosas or paranthas; cubes of fried paneer with fresh mint are wonderful with basmati (rice). Make a masala of whole species fried in ghee and add minced ginger and yogurt. Lovely summer meal! Another lovely white dish (is visually appealing to the eye in summer, no doubt!); something I make with paneer in white gravy that is flavoured with mint, grated onions, poppyseed paste and finished off with cream. Hot naan is the perfect accompaniment.


Add the zing: Another recent addition to my beverage repertoire is orange juice with mint. Halve some oranges, remove the pips, sprinkle half a tablespoon of brown sugar on each half and let them rest for about fifteen minutes. Place some mint leaves over the spout of the citrus juicer and holding one half of an orange over the leaves, work the juicer. It\'s different and worth a try.


to remove heat from body immediately try this method :

early in morning , take a glass of milk and pour in a vessel.
Add 1 spoon of Yashtimadhuka (Atimadhuram) roots power (this is available in all ayurvedic stores) and boil this milk for sometime.
Boil for 3 times and then add 2 spoon of sugar/candy sugar and 1 spoon of honey.

Drink this milk lukewarm on empty stomach and within 2 minutes all excess heat is removed from body
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Very refreshing post.
Barley water(in packaged form) is also Official Drink for wimbledon.
It\'s also very good for KIDNEY cleansing and prescribed by many doctors for the same reason.
Also lassi is altime great northindian punjabi delight, great for digestion and very cooling for stomach.
Buttermilk with jeera powder is prescribed for sluggish liver.
and last but not the least who can forget NIMBUPAANI, soul quenching taste, full of electrolytes and great liver and kidney cleanser.


Lassis given by others are great.
But also try Mango Lassi, made the same way as we mwke mango shake.
It tastes awesome, and its so viscous , u will love it forever.

Be natural, we have such gifted natural resources for taste and health.
     To hell with poisonous mnc drinks, that r robbing us of our calciums and minerals and making the youth diabetic and obese.