want to have a fair complexion in just 3months?

Started by riva, September 08, 2009, 01:53:22 AM

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heyy i can tell you something very interesting which will surely work for you....these products are little expensive as compared to other advertised product but they will work wonders for u
1-use melacare by ajanta for 1month..after 1 month,dont use this creamRS-150
2-use melaglow cream for fair complexion..it will make u more fair..you can use it for a whle life...RS 200
3-have imdeen time perfection tab for glowy and attractive skin for 3months..
follow these 3steps and look yourself in the mirror....u youself wud b surprised....
these r derma remedies so need not worry abt the side effects...i m having a fair complexion,still i used it for a more brighter skin..n it really work..u can get these products frm nearby chemist......


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hi riva
where do we get them? are they available in medical shops


have imdeen time perfection tab may have side effects when you get into late 30s
easiest and simplest are 2 ways (already wrote in other topics)

1. get cow ghee and take equal number of black pepper seeds (if ghee is 500 gms then you should take 500 pepper seeds/kali mirchi) and boil them along with ghee
cover the ghee tin with a lid and after 5 mins you can smell the aroma of the mixture
after ghee boils well, filter the pepper and use that ghee daily
usage of 10gm ghee/day for 100 days and daily workout/yoga ill purify your blood and remove an pimples/scars/acnes/dark circles etc

2. for 100 days daily eat a radish (white colored). if needed taste, you can cut radish into small pieces and add sugar.
radish cleans blood effectively and brings glow to face


go for home made fruit facials, they too give good results.. citric thing always helps in for better complexion


heyy hello!!!!!!
you can get these products from the nearby chemist...
heyy deepa there r no side effects of imedeen time perfection....who told you?????look for the ingredients of imedeen..it is made from minerals and vitamins..follow the instructions ,i have given and you can have a superb skin....the only precaution you have to take is-use melacare ,only for a month and imedeen for 3months....there are no side effects....if you want,you can consult some good dermatologist..he/she will also say the same...


if u will go for these natural and herbal products..it will take  yrs and yrs with very little or no result...


Why do people need that \'fair\' complexion? In my opinion be happy with ur skin color. Try to get a glowing complexion (healthy look) not just bland pale white skin. If you have that healthy glow you automatically will look attractive (irrespective of your skin color). And that glow can be obtained by purifying from inside (like the cow ghee recipe etc).

We indians have a very nice skin color (atleast I love the brown color..:) )...I think lot of us need to feel confident about ourselves.

Not to offend anyone, just my view.


but unfortunately many indians have fascination for white skin also
many dont just understand that even brown or black skin which has no spots, no pimples etc is more attractive than fair skin


Also we should try to be as  natural as  possible, nature hits back if we try to alter it