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What are chakras ?
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Chakra is a Sanskrit word that literally means \"WHEELS OF LIGHT\". A chakra is an energy vortex, like our own mini-tornadoes...

Besides these, each chakra has its own purpose or particular viewpoint based on the area of consciousness that it influences.

Chakras are the energy centers of our body. The traditional \"in body\" major chakras are seven:
1. Base/First or root chakra, found at the coccyx
2. Second or Sacral chakra, covers the pubic area, uo to about under the navel (more about this later)
3. Third or Solar Plexus chakra (stomach/diaphragm)
4. Fourth or Heart chakra (actually not right on the heart but amid the chest, sternum part)
5. Fifth or Throat chakra
6. Sixth or Third Eye or Brow chakra (forehead)
7. Seventh or Crown chakra (top of the head)

The traditional Sanskrit names are are: (I must admit I never manage to remember them all)
1) Muladhara for the First chakra
2) Svadhisthana for the Second hakra
3) Manipura for the Third chakra
4) Anahata for the Fourth chakra
5) Visuddha for the Fifth chakra
6) Ajna for the Sixth chakra
7) Sahasrara for the Seventh chakra

There is an excellent article, even if extreeeeeeeeeeemly long, it\'s split up in chapters, and can be downloaded in pdf format as well. Don\'t be put off by title
Here is the link
Chapters 4 (on Kundalini) and 8 (the chakras) are particularly relevant, but if you read the whole article from Ch. 1 to 14, it is truly amazing.


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What are chakras ?
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What are chakras ?
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how do you notice them and sense any movement or change in them


What are chakras ?
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ur kundalini has to move first to notice anything further


What are chakras ?
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i never understand all this stuff
why should kundalini be awakened at all?

why cant u meditate just for peace and live normal life


What are chakras ?
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its a good question !!

why cant u meditate just for peace and live normal life

may be an experienced member can ans you better


What are chakras ?
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i dont think peace is a permanant asset to anyone as long as his mind exists

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What are chakras ?
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What are chakras ?
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but they call it PEACE OF MIND


What are chakras ?
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chakras behavious

These energy centers can behave in several ways. Firstly they can draw in or emit energy.
The \"normal\" behaviour would be to draw in energy, when they emit it, you will feel depleted and tired.
Apart from that they can be closed/blocked or active. Sometimes some chakras can be partially blocked.
The best way I found to diagnose how a chakra is at a given moment is by using a pendulum.
If you keep a pendulum straight above a chakra, you will notice that soon enough it will start spinning.
By observing how it spins we can understand a lot:
If it spin clockwise, the chakra is open and functional
if it spins anticlockwise it is generally considered to be blocked or closed (I say \"generally\" because there are exceptions, which I shall explain later).
I will describe some of these patterns in a later post. I prefer to keep posts short so that they are easier to read and allow for more precise breaking down of topics. I hope you agree!
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What are chakras ?
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If you have control over Kundli then he is master


What are chakras ?
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y is that sometime i feel intense pressure in my third eyechakra and crown chakra that i get headache ..... to stop this headache i hv to meditate or sleep else it don stop..

this headache(there is intense pressure i feel initially at both of my chakras followed by headache ) usually comes after long hour of working (in the evening at my offc )

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