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Yogic Revolution in India - by baba Ramdev
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A revolution is taking place, a yogic revolution through a television channel, ASTHA, which is said to be viewed by 15 crores (15,00,00,000) in India. The most talked 0f yogi in India these days is Swami Ramdev of Kankhal (near Hardwar) who is the most successful architect of this yogic revolution through which many have benefitted, many of those suffering from diseases of various types.

I believe in the great efficacy and benefits of yoga, asanas and pranayam. At the age of eleven in 1942 when I had become very weak after a double attack of typhoid, I was taken to a yogi who taught me some asanas and in fifteen days I had regained my health, without any tonic, and played games with the same energy as I had been before falling sick.

At the age of forty three when I had no ailment, I attended a fifteen day course of a Yogi in Patna, Bihar, doing all the eighty four pawan mukhta asana and experienced that my body had become totally clean from within and and I had the feeling of being always fresh and energetic. But some of my friends suffering from some ailments were cured.

In the year 2000 when I fell sick had heavy diabetese (read about it in the letters) and soon after was not even able to walk, a yogi did teach me some asans but my body had become weak that I could not do it. I did Vishnu Sahastranaam regularly and some exercises and slowly recovered when no doctor had any prescription for me and had written me off.

In 2004 , the ASTHA television channel in India started showing regularly twice a day the yoga programme of Swami Ramdeo which I too started seeing on the advice of some people. I saw it, did prayanama and asanas as directed by him and have benefitted immensely, like so many others.  


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Yogic Revolution in India - by baba Ramdev
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Yogic Revolution in India - by baba Ramdev
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Better than any shantis, the best one that are working now in some families in northern India are the excellent yogic lessons, mixed with ayurvedic or, call it, simple herbal prescriptions of Swami Ramdeo, that have been working almost like miracles.

Is a revolution taking place in India in reviving yoga on such a mass scale which is stupendous?

Almost every third man who comes to meet me talks of the miracles of the cures he prescribes and demonstrates in his most popular television programmes.

The programme is broadcast regularly by the ASTHA television channel. He is clear in his mission, aim and objective. What is available for the poor in India, he asks and makes his lessons available to them. He is on a great mission. In his camps while in the front row there are the paid participants, he allows the poor who cannot pay also to join it free.


Yogic Revolution in India - by baba Ramdev
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Mrs. A.Y. who has been coming to me with her husband and children for nearly twenty two years for Vishnu Sahastranam recitation and knows so many stotras by heart told me the other day about the benefits of Swami Ramdeo’s yoga lessons.

She is an insulin dependent patient of diabetes and has to take it twice a day in large doses. Besides, she had difficulty in walking. She started doing the yoga lessons through the television channels. Now she has reduced the intake of insulin considerably in terms of units and is able to walk more than five kilometers at a stretch.

Is doing yoga properly and combining with recitation of OM etc. as Swamiji does, with a sprinkling of spiritual lessons shanti or not ?

A neighbour of Mrs.A.Y. is very fat and did not know how to reduce her bulk and weight. It was a great source of tension for her. She did the asanas shown on the television and took ashwagandha leaves as instructed. She has reduced her weight by forty pounds and has been maintaining that for many months now. ( Do not ask me what ashwagandha leaves are. I do not know.)

Such cures working like miracles and reducing mental and physical tension is
the shanti one searches.


Yogic Revolution in India - by baba Ramdev
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Another friend, a male, told me that his wife who could not walk and had come to my house climbing three stairs since there is no elevator here, did the yoga lessons of Swami Ramdeo and all the pain in her legs has vanished and she now walks normally.

Swami Ramdeo demonstrates all these in his lessons through some asanas and pranayama in which Bhasrika has a privotal place.

People suffering from back pain, spinal trouble, and mental depression have felt and said that mentally, physically, emotionally and now, spiritually, they have improved.

They say in one voice that Swami is the greatest missionary now in India, doing free service for humanity.

The beauty of it is that all his teachings are spiritual not merely the physical exercise, which people talking about yoga, reduce yoga into these days.


Yogic Revolution in India - by baba Ramdev
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Swami Ramdeo says , I am told though I have not heard it myself in these three days, that allopathic medicines are poisonous and multi-nationals have a vested interest in a nation of patients. He seems to be saying that with a real fire of conviction as I can see and notice.

I learn that he himself had suffered at one stage in his life. What happened is not known to me. But I can collect the story. Someone says it was paralysis while others say it was a stroke. After that his search for yoga cure and herbs became intense.

Now he wants to share it free with poor people and with a price with the affluent. His ashram manufactures some of these herbal medicines which are available for purchase I learn. That they are manufactured is clear from the television programme.

I heard him say in one programme that he was telling the ingredients for such medicines so that people could prepare them in their houses as the ashram may not have adequate quantities of such medicines. Also that he had no intention of making money. If he had any intention, he says, he could become a billionaire overnight.

Ramdeo left his parental house at the age of fourteen and is from Haryana. He does not want to become a guru and has no disciples. In one talk of his I heard him talk of those gurus and mahatmas who “fell” down in some weaker moments.

He then quotes from Patanjali shkolas which he must have memorised at some stage in his life along with the Gita. Then he teaches his yoga lessons. Healthy living, healthy thinking is what he encourages and preaches. It has been happening on a mass scale now though for the first fifteen years as a yoga teacher he was confined to a small ashram where people went to get cured free of cost.

His reputation spread slowly. Some non-resident Indian was taken there by a rich Indian who had benefitted from Swami Ramdeo’s yoga lessons.

The non-resident India also benefitted and then asked Swami Ramdeo why should, what he preaches and teaches, not reach masses. How ? The question was posed and the solution was to get it shown through the ASTHA channel. This is the story I have heard.

It is so heartening to see such quick transformation in so many so fast.

Is it not difficult to believe it ? But it is there for you to verify. Just as I was writing this came RS who helps me with my computer and my publications. He told me that he and his father had benefitted so much from these television programmes of Swami Ramdeo. His father with his constant ailments has been improving fast.

I heard Swami Ramdeo repeat what we all know but he puts it pithily thus: there must be Samaya (time) Sankalpa (resolution) and then comes Siddhi (fulfilment) of the intended goals of yoga. And he clarifies, it does not demand more time than half an hour per day.

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Yogic Revolution in India - by baba Ramdev
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Yoga gaining popularity

Yoga is now seemed to be accepted by a majority of people. One could feel the difference with the presence of more than 10,000 persons at the ongoing yoga camp being conducted by Swami Ram Dev. Various institutions like the Art of Living, the Bhartiya Yog Sansthan, schools and private yoga trainers have been demonstrating yoga to people.

A very brilliant doctor told me that if doing asanas and pranayama a diabetic patient is reducing the calories in his body and also controlling his diet, what he is doing is effectively what doctors prescribe.
It is not a cure of diabetes but control only, he says. It appeals to me.

Two things happen in this claimed yogic cure, explained the doctor. The first was leaving their sedentary lives Indian middle classes and upper classes are known for, they have been doing some exercises, whether it is physical or yogic. That is good for health.

The second factor is that even in the case of doctors, when a patient has faith in a doctor twenty five percent cure is fast and is psychomatic. In the case of a yogi also the psychosomatic cure can be fast but not the physical part of it as , he says, diabetes and blood pressure are incurable.

so many of us have witnessed in our lives saints curing some diseases with their spiritual powers. But such cases are rarest and happen only when the saint decides to do it. This is the case of spiritual power when the blessings etc. of the saint work. He even touches the patient. Here something like pranic healing comes into play.

Yoga is always excellent.It cannot fail totally is well known. But yoga curing heart ailments avoiding angioplasty, or even open heart surgery is unknown so far. It appears to be a very tall claim. So it is in the case of cancer. Wait, watch, verify the truth before accepting it or rejecting is the correct line.

Lots of 'LOVE' . . . Linda

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Yogic Revolution in India - by baba Ramdev
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Yogic Revolution in India - by baba Ramdev
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i see many people watching it but only few following it properly
usually people get tempted or excited and start to continue for a day or two or at maximum a week.
then they drop and start finding excuses of laziness, tiredness, lack of sleep, no time, emergency work etc


Yogic Revolution in India - by baba Ramdev
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thats true.. these days people is more working with mins than body so i suggest yoga is the best way to keep body fit n give ryt-way relaxation to mind..


Yogic Revolution in India - by baba Ramdev
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only TV revolution came and TRP ratings for aastha channel increased
nothing much change came in people\'s health and lifestyle


Yogic Revolution in India - by baba Ramdev
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i hate these words \"baba\" , \"swami\" etc
they sound hypocritic to me

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