Avatar movie characters from Ramayan

Started by Sharmila, August 26, 2009, 03:18:38 PM

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wow that\'s neat. the movie is very popular here in america and i have not heard even once it has to do with hindu! that is very cool, maybe i should read more about this ramayan story :smilegrin:

in fact everyone here in the u.s. thinks the movie is secretly about american politics and this is making people mad. they think it is very \"right-wing\"& anti-george bush and is showing the u.s. military in a bad light and that the blue characters are the pro-nature conservationalists. while other people think the \"blue\" people represent the native americans who respected and used the land and got their land taken away and all the resources used up by europeans. lots of arguing for nothing i guess! :)

i still havent seen it though!!