Planets and Signs supporting Music and Arts ?

Started by Ravi Varma, February 11, 2010, 09:26:52 PM

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Ravi Varma

i feel people born in leo ascendants have great skills in art forms as their 3rd (creative thinking) and 10th (profession) lord is Venus.

Also i\'ve observed people with moon is pisces and taurus have good taste towards music, literature, dance etc

comments pls..


people born under capricorn lagnas also have some similarities as above
they have 5th and 10th lord venus but since their 3rd and 12th lord is same, they cant create anything new but will appreciate good art forms


i think leo ascendants are good judges/creators
and so are piscean  moon signs

leo moon signs are good listeners only

Ravi Varma

what about taurus people
i think taurus moon is also good creator


i think taurus people also have same creatuvity but not ascendants
they tend to work hard like bull


How about a combo  or better an adjacent rashi + asc ?

Like Cancer Natives with Ascendant Leo.


cancerians (moon signs and ascendants) are either too money minded or highly spiritual or can act both parallel
few are interested in ancient literature based on placement of jupiter and mercury but none in music and arts
usually when they listen to a song they tend to follow lyrics deeply due to their literature interest
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The primary reason I asked this Question for this reason...

I am pretty sure that lagna cannot decide what you excel in.

With Cancer Rashi, with Simha Lagna example. I want to see if the discussions above apply . When Mind (Moon) is thinking about money/spiritual then Simha lagna which is endowed for music/arts cannot come true. That is the main reason I asked this. Thanks Seetarama for proving it. So one should consider rashi also when examining the skill they have.

extending this argument.. I feel there is a problem we can see in successive/adjacent rashi & lagna combo.

for eg:
 When bhava are calculated with regards to lagna, a 5th house of creativity become Ari bhava for rashi.
 Similarly 7th house from lagna is 8th from rashi.. so no marriage or troubled relationships ?
 11th and 12th also same!

it is possible that it destroys the good result of one by other !  pls Clarify


well you cant judge just by moon signs or lagnas but usually 3rd house, 5th house and 10th house should be somehow connected to venus for creativity in arts

so by default LEO lagna people will have more advantage over others as their 3rd and 10th lord is same - venus
pisces lagna also has this advantage as their 3rd lord is venus but their 10th lord is jupiter who controls judgement. so they can judge better.

moon signs ony indicate where your mind is but lagna tells you if you\'ll succeed in that or not.
it is generally seen that virgo lagna people fail in art form but succeed in literature because their 10th lord is mercury who helps writing.
so if they know poetry then can write songs, but cant compose music

Also scorpio lagnas have good literature taste as their 5th lord is jupiter and 10th lord sun is interested in such issues

but all these rules may fail when we see a strange chart.
so ultimately one has to decide by individual charts only

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I just took a look at ARRahman chart (jan 6, 1966)

For him the argument of leo lagna holds good.

Could you explain the 3rd, and 10th lord being in 6th !