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2015 Cricket World Cup Astrology Predictions

Started by SaSirEkha, February 16, 2014, 04:42:03 AM

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Toss prediction -

Toss usually happen's 30 min's prior to the start of the match that is 2.00 pm. The lagna at 2.00 pm @Melbourne Cricket ground is Gemini and lagna lord is Mercury.

Mercury's signification as per 4 step theory from our horary chart detail's posted in previous post.

Mercury - Occupies 5 and owns 9,12

Step 1 - Mercury as a planet
There are other planets in the star of mercury, hence does not signify cusp occupies or owned by it.

Step 2 - Starlord of Mercury - Jupiter
Jupiter occupies (10) and owns (3) and 6. Cusp cojoined (10).

Step 3 - Sublord of Mercury - Moon
There are other planets in the star of mercury, hence does not signify cusp occupies or owned by it.

Step 4 - Starlord of Moon - Rahu.
Rahu occupies (11). Rahu signlord is Mercury. Mercury occupies (5) and owns (9) and (12).

Mercury's strong significators - 10,3,11,5,9,12.

Due to presence of 5,9,12 house Australia will win the toss.

(Kiran Mahyavanshi)


Its Gonna Be Nz For Toss And Proabably Will Bat First And Will Score Arround 247-272...


NZ has fair chances to lift the cup as per numerology. Tough match ahead. MCullam is the key for NZ.

Star Dust

New Zealand should pickup after 15:40 local time and get a decent score, despite some late strike backs by Aussie bowlers.
The key to win lies in how well Kiwi bowlers bowl (a bit struggling time for Australian batsmen) is from 21:00 local time.
Kiwi bowlers will keep striking from powerplay itself
In a day..when u dont come across any problems... you can be sure that you are traveling in wrong path - SWAMI VIVEKANANDA


New zealand will play a decent game till 16.40 local time & after that they will score 2nd innings Newzealand have a very good chances of taking wkt at regular intervals!! My take  NEWZEALAND wins the WORLDCUP 2015


Timings given by Virinchi and star dust cannot apply as Australia can chase down before 9pm local time. So initial prediction of 2011 final repeat will happen (Lanka and new Zealand played final outside their country and lost)