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Good bet! but fortune goes against
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[rquote=13635&topic=1706&author=SaSirEkha]ReVan, It was Virinchi who wanted to prove the power of k.p astrology to everyone and did it to the maximum extent during 2011 worldcup.
Later in 2011 IPL, he said, he has already proved what he wanted and predicting each and every series and match is useless for an astrologer.
Once proved is proved forever.

Later only me, Seetaram and gaurang were doing it occassionally out of our own interest, which may not last for all future series.
Now varenya and Leo are also implementing it.
Methods are given, its upto others to use them or not in future.

Today, dhoni will not do much with his bat but since luck is not with hometeam (if you consider KKR as hometeam), CSK should win


Totally got exactly reversed due to ASC and DSC mistake....Thats y gambhir failed with bat...fell in early over....csk fav time when time is upto 10:44...

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IPL 5 (2012) Predictions
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Good bet! but fortune goes against
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True. We got confused of this rule. Since the playoffs are considered to be held in Neutral Grounds, the team with higher rating points are considered to be Home Team and the other team is considered to be the Visiting Team, even though they\'re playing in their home turf. So we got confused to chose the Asc and hence we failed in predictions miserably.

When one my friends asked me which team would win, I told him that CSK would win. He asked me further as I was saying him earlier that KKR were favorites to win. I told him that Asc and Dsc got changed and hence the fortunes should favor CSK now. I further told him that the team which wins the toss would lose the match. Earlier predictions were right, but got confused of this Asc and Dsc. Anyway, we\'ve learnt from these mistakes and will ensure these things won\'t get repeated in the future.
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Good bet! but fortune goes against
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You\'ve mentioned that people didn\'t take clues from past history. In IPL3, you guys didn\'t predict the playoffs itself. You and SasiRekha predicted for the semis and both were wrong. But you both revealed later that you guys gave wrong predictions explicitly to divert the Betting Baadshas. But there too, you guys haven\'t talked about home team and visitor as they were in neutral grounds.

In IPL 4, SasiRekha used Muhurta Chart for Finals and said that the planets were not favorable to the home team, CSK and predicted RCB would win the match. That match too was played in Chennai. But you predicted using Horary that CSK would win. Since you both had contradictory opinions and Virinchi also said in the beginning itself that he was not gonna predict IPL matches, we got confused. The I personally requested Virinchi to come and give his predictions. He said that he was going outta station and had to catch the flight within a short time and hence would try his best. But he came and predicted that CSK would win. He also used Horary only then. (Thanks to Virinchi!)

During IPL 4, I hadn\'t even started learning KP. I had just got the VI Readers then. So I couldn\'t keep the record of history then. When this confusion of Asc and Dsc came 3 days back, I went and referred the earlier IPL predictions thread only. But since I couldn\'t find any clue there and since you guys gave your opinions only after the match getting over, we got confused.:(:(

The reason why I\'m telling all these things is you shouldn\'t misunderstand us. The person who\'s passing on his knowledge to others is considered to be Guru, atleast for that subject. You\'ve passed on few valuable tips to us yesterday. So you shouldn\'t think that you\'ve got only dull students.;);)

For that matter, I\'ve always given credit to you three only as my inspirations to learn KP. So thanks for that! Thanks for the tips you gave yesterday too!! I hope you would keep on mentoring us in the future too!!!
[rquote=13670&topic=1706&author=Seetaram]yes Virinchi..... people didnt take clues from last year IPL predictions, where hometeam was never changed even if  someone else spinned the toss.
once your home, always your home. even if you arrive late to home, its still your home.

Most important point was keeping record of past history.
Dhoni failed as batsman and captain whenever moon transits constellations owned by sun, mercury.
He had 50-50 results when moon is on stars owned by mars, jupiter,ketu, venus.

He almost won all matches when moon is on stars owned by rahu and saturn[/rquote]


Good bet! but fortune goes against
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okay, atleast this year you tried and learned something.
someone said, me and virinchi should have told about ASC and DSC before match so that they could get correct their mistakes.
you can correct yourself now also and use this experience for future.
If you\'re worried about not able to correct a mistake before start of match, then your money must have been involved in betting.

also i wasn\'t at home for past 10 days to see this site.
Just got home last night and when i checked in, you guys were using wrong ASC.

coming to methods, even me and Sasirekha learned cricket predictions from this forum in last 2 yrs.
we\'re improving every year and expect others to learn and improve by next yr.

I would suggest gaurang, Leo, Varenya etc to first try helping others through personal predictions in \'astro reading forum\', rather than directly trying to be popular with cricket predictions.

Virinchi learned k.p only 5 yrs back but look at how many successful predictions he gave in personal, sports and other sections.
I\'ve learned k.p in 2009-10 and i post mostly in \'astro reading forum\'.

ultimate purpose of learning astro is to help others see their future in a better way, but not just helping betting guys with cricket match predictions
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Good bet! but fortune goes against
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Well said, Mr.Seetaram. I agree with your last line statement completely. Astrology is a divine shastra to help others only. Regarding this Betting, I will never ever entertain Betting and Gambling. That\'s my principle. In fact, I don\'t smoke and drink too. So I\'ve never sponsored anyone for Cigarettes and Drinks. When we go to Tea Shops and all together, I used to pay for everyone\'s Tea / Coffee and Snacks expenses, but would never pay for their Cigarettes. I don\'t mind even if they feel bad. If they wanna do these things, it\'s their freedom. Let them do it with their money. But I would never sponsor them for these things.

Regarding Cricket / Personal predictions.. I haven\'t tried Match predictions for popularity. I tried just for learning few tricks which will help me in judging few other events in life. I\'m just learning and haven\'t got enough confidence yet. That\'s why I didn\'t wanna try with someone\'s fate. But very soon, I\'ll be doing that too. But as of now, I\'ve tried predicting simple questions for few people in Horary Section.

If you\'ve seen this IPL predictions too, I haven\'t used the word \'prediction\' for what I was giving till Virinchi guided us the other day. I was telling clearly that I was not confident enough to predict and hence giving only my analysis about the favorable and unfavorable times of the  teams. I know very well that there are no ifs and buts in KP Astrology as Virinchi said as he himself has said that few times earlier too. But even you, one of my inspirations used ifs and buts during your earlier stages in KP, i.e during IPL 3. So hopefully, I\'ll also learn soon like you as you\'re all there to guide me.;);)


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Good bet! but fortune goes against
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@Gaurang Your analyses was wonderful in the last nights match - you didn\'t quite follow my drift from what I was trying to study from the movement of the game. You got everything right - but just the exact opposite. May be a slight differential in your analysis but script was spot on. You are getting there, just need to work out those rough edges.

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IPL 5 (2012) Predictions
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Good bet! but fortune goes against
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One should believe in destiny. KKR is destined to lift the IPL Cup. Otherwise those runouts and catches would have happened. Sahib out for a waist high full toss, Hilfenhaus dropped Bisla at his score 40 of the bowling of
Ashwin is crucial. The other day mishit of vijay caught by Taylor turned out to be six but in this match it turned out to ba a catch. So destiny. Well played CSK. Well done KKR and congratulations

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