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IPL 6 (2013) Predictions
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i am really honoured to get my name from your fingertips...
sir i am your ekalavya sishya, you r my drona.
i keep asking my doubts but none used to reply me in this thread ,as i don't have any masters to teach me, as i am having only you as my guru.
all the day and night i keep learning astrology. i used to have plenty of free time. out of shy i couldnt ask anydoubts after few.
 i am really unlucky to learn kp basics when u r inactive in cricket predictions.
i am predicting by learning kp basics and previous posts given by you. those are the benchmarks for me.
you are my master. sir if you dont mind try to be active in champions trophy as it would be helpful for those trying to learn cricket predictions especially for me sir....
Every bad situation have something positive. Even a dead clock shows correct time twice a day. stay positive in life. God knows what is best for you...

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IPL 6 (2013) Predictions
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