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Australia vs India 2020-21 Series Predictions

Started by Paanchajanya, November 11, 2020, 08:48:43 AM

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On day 5 after 11:30am local time in Sydney, Indian fans can switch off TV or change channel.


Indians should get 1-2 wickets more after 10:38am local time in brisbane. Bowlers will be on top in 1st session.
India in control for 3 days atleast. Aussies struggling after 32 years in Brisbane


Day 4 and 5 rain interruption can turn this into draw after India looks to push things till day 3.
Expecting aussies to struggle with bat in JUP sub (around 2pm)


Day 2 : 1st session belongs to Indian bowlers. Aussies can do well from around Tea.

Day 3 : mixed day where Indians start well, lose their way a bit and struggle more after Tea.

Day 4 : 1st session dominated by India. Later Aussie fight back but day ends in Indian favour. Rain can hit.

Day 5 : india on top for 40 mins. After lunch they keep going strong. Post tea AUS can look strong but after 4pm it is indian game.

If there's a result, it should be in favor of India