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Big Bash League 2019-20 T20 Predictions

Started by Anoo, November 19, 2019, 05:35:11 AM

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Star Dust

Melbourne Stars should struggle to defend 163 total till 5:42pm !
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Quote from: Parminder on December 22, 2019, 11:14:01 AM
stars should win this .

+1 Bookie ! please post some astrological info. Else find some other place


Sixers should bowl well in 1st innings and control most part of it.
With bat, they struggle (especially after 9:15pm)


Scorchers can do well initially but strikers can comeback after 7pm and again lose it after 9pm


Aaron Finch and co should in this by controlling entire 2nd innings


perth should bowl well and also bat well after 6:10pm


@virinchi master i would like to ask

raja kah betah hi raja banega kya ???

if i would have used asc xyz dsc so so
wins would have been called knowlegable .

whats wrong if i had given time and efforts for my stats and posting games they r getting irritated

rajah kah betah hi raja nahi banega
jisme prathiba usko bhi raja banane kah awsar toh milleh .


@parminder, because you started here as a bookie or posted information from bookies and never posted your stats !
Now you claim that you have stats but forget that this is astrology forum, not stats forum.
Prediction good or bad should only be based on astrology and related methods. Not on intuition, stats, your feelings, hearsay etc..

If you do not understand or follow astro, then find a stats based forum for yourself.
And before you criticise a wrong prediction, look in mirror and recollect how many 'right' predictions have you appreciated in past..
Those who dont appreciate the 'right' have no right to blame the 'wrong'.
In this topic, initial 4-5 predictions were spot on, But you dont have it in your blood to appreciate them.
Wanting to learn vast ranged Astrology only to predict few sport events is like Marrying only for Sex !

The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one !