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Caribbean Premier League 2020 T20 Predictions

Started by Bhavani, July 28, 2020, 07:51:36 PM

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Astrology Predictions for Caribbean Premier League 2020 T20 matches played during 18 August - 10 September 2020

schedule for CPL 2020


In 80% of matches Ascendants will reverse during this series. That means even on neutral ground, toss spinning team is Dsc



If 5:30pm match starts on time, then team doing well in 1st PP, should control match until 8:50pm


St Lucia Zouks will get good start but struggle later. Will comeback very late after 12:55pm and win


at 5:30pm, team getting good start in 1st PP, will make late comeback from 8:20-8:30pm to win


Tridents should get good start in 1st PP, and after some struggle, can again finish decently.
With ball, they are picking wickets after 12pm to win


In the evening match, Trinbago can win toss, struggle in 1st PP, but comeback late, takeover from 6pm to win


St Kitts and Nevis Patriots can struggle during initial 10 overs and pick wickets later.
With bat, they are coming back into this match from 12:15pm


In 8th match, Tallawahs can win toss. Team that does well in 1st innings, struggle from 4pm