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Cricketers Horoscopes and Predictions

Started by Nivedita, January 09, 2010, 03:19:31 PM

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This topic is to discuss horoscopes of various cricket players from all countries (past and present )

M.S.Dhoni is not going through much favourable time as captain till end of april 2010.
Jupiter\'s transit in aquarius will help him to score well personally but he will lose few tournaments in finals or in knockout stage


what about sachin, sehwag, gambhir, harbhajan, yuvraj ?
also when will sachin, dravid, laxman\'s careers end


perfectly predicted Nivedita !
Dhoni again lost in finals


Sachin Tendulkar is born on 24th April 1973 on a Tuesday in the Poorvaashada Nakshatra and Siddha Yoga.  As per the Birth Chart his Rashi is Sagittarius. Lord of his Rashi is Jupiter. Jupiter entered Aquarius in December 2009 and will continue to move there till April end in 2010. Thereafter, it will enter Pisces and remain there all through 2010. Jupiter transit into the 3 rd house from the natal moon is likely to slow his run-rate and affect his health adversely. Mercury governs the 3 rd house. As a result, health problems associated with the nerves, nervous strain, restlessness especially of the mind, chest and lung complaints, asthma, pleurisy, insomnia, amnesia are likely to mar his growth.

From April 2010 the transit of Jupiter to the 4 th house from Natal Moon will be a favourable one and directly affect the Career Prospects favorably. Saturn\'s transit over the Lagna is likely to cause some distress and solitary atmosphere but will also help you segregate the true friends from the rest. Rahu and Ketu are transiting over the Moon rashi and the house 7 th from the natal moon all through the year.  Partnerships of any kind are not advisable during this period.

As per his Numeroscope, he is governed by numbers 3 and 6. His name spelling is governed by numbers 5 and 9. Year 2010 is the year o Jupiter and governed by number 3. During 2010, he will be under the Annual ruling of number 13 which signifies “Death or a Sudden Break”. It also signifies Rejuvenation and Reincarnation. As a result, Sachin will have some long cherished dreams fulfilled in 2010-11. He might undergo a stomach, Chest or Lung related surgery and will have minor health problems all year round.


due to retrograde saturn atleast one of the senior players will lose fitness/form and will be constantly out of the playing 11 till May2010.

it happened with dhoni in 1st test VS bangladesh, then it was laxman who came back to india, now its dravid who was hit on face


now yuvraj is also injured and didnt play
i think Mars retrograde is also adding to injuries


one of these two could become a superstar in next few years any comments on them


rohit missed on golden oppurtunity with laxman, dravid, yuvraj out in same test match
he is better than badrinath and w.saha

as predicted by Nivedita above, dhoni is running through tough time
he will struggle hard for next 3 months
All human actions have one or more of these seven causes: chance, nature, compulsion, habit, reason, passion, and desire


for leveling series sehwag has to get us thru