England vs Sri Lanka, Pakistan 2021 Series Predictions

Started by Star Dust, June 20, 2021, 06:09:56 AM

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Star Dust

Astrological Predictions for Sri Lanka and Pakistan tour of England during June-July 2021

Eng vs SL

Eng vs Pak
In a day..when u dont come across any problems... you can be sure that you are traveling in wrong path - SWAMI VIVEKANANDA


Lanka can givea scare by starting well during initial ~40 mins and being in contest till 8:30-9:00pm.
They win if match goes beyond 10:16pm


Tonight Lanka fights hard between 7:30-9:30pm and then give up


England should blow away Lankan bowlers with huge score.
Late fight after 4:30pm not preventing whitewash


Hapless Lankans continue to get blown away in a low/below par scoring game


Lankans can start well for initial 10 overs and comeback into match only after 7pm which can be tooooo late..


Lankans can get moderate total. English batsmen crawl to series win only after 7pm


Series whitewash will be completed but rain interruption possible.
Lanka's best performance with bat was in previous match only


Pakistan offer some fight (unlike Lankans) and can win atleast 1 out of 6 matches on this tour (2 wins also possible, 1 in each format)


Pakistan struggles initially and collapses. England wins easily before 8:15pm