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ICC World Cup 2011 Predictions

Started by LEO, November 10, 2009, 07:02:31 AM

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Astrological predictions for 2011 cricket worldcup to be played in India, Srilanka & bangladesh.
The worldcup 2011 to be organised in india - srilanka - bangladesh is now announced and this time its old format as in 1987.
no super sixes league.
14 teams are divided into 2 groups of 7 each and top 2 teams from each group will play semifinals.

The groupings:

Group A: Australia, Pakistan, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Canada , Kenya

Group B: India, South Africa , England, West Indies , Bangladesh, Ireland, Netherlands.

The task is cutout for major teams.
They will beat 3 minor teams in each groups if they play normal cricket.
out of other 3, they\'ve to beat atleast 2 and qualify for semis.
For india, i think toughest competitor is south africa only.
On indian pitches no other team in group B will match india.


my bet is on Australia, Pakistan , India, South Africa to reach semis
this is based on current form.
if they drop form in 1 year or if some other team suddenly picks up, then changes may happen.

however i\'m posting worldcup schedule.
astro guys workout results based on dates


isn\'t it too early to predict? i mean we have 15 months to go and team forms may change drastically.
though astrologically we can predict by dates.
do you know match timings also, as few may be day and night matches and lagnas vary accordingly


why are you in a hurry to know worldcup results, when we\'re having too many series prior to that


jupiter will be transiting in 11th house from dhoni\'s moon sign and india\'s lagna.
india will reach semis but i can\'t see anything beyond that
it depends on venus, moon, mars, saturn positions also at that time


i think many teams form will lose in next few months if captains are changed during next 14 months for few teams, then we need to wait till final teams are announced for world cup


I am curious about to know the predictions for coming T20 world cup which is in April- May at West Indies


for next years world cup, Indian, South Africa, Srilanka are strongest contenders

Australia will struggle a lot


as usual south africa has something bothering them all the time even when they look strong as they stuggle to get into finals so might be  india srilanka in finals


My team for the World Cup.

4.Yuvraj / Rohit
5.Suresh Raina
7.Yusuf Pathan