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ICC World Cup 2011 Predictions

Started by LEO, November 10, 2009, 07:02:31 AM

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4 teams have their stars strongly placed during feb-march and they will qualify for semis


few astrologers predict that india will knockout srilanka and England will beat australia in semis.

In final, india will win the cup


by luck india won 1st warmup match on aussies
can someone predict 1st official match Ind vs Bang outcome


when i draw the chart for yesterday india-australia mathc, chart shown favour to australia. can any one india won the match dramatically?


if you are using old fashioned method of horoscope casting with rashi navamsa chakras, you can never give accurate prediction of any match
just like traditonal astrology fails to judge twins born around same time.

so use krishnamurthi paddhati(k.p) like we used for IPL 3 preditions last year
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Please be open minded and give your analysis since this is an astrology topic. Australia and Sri Lanka in my opinion are the favourites. India\'s batting looks out of place and Tendulkar and Zaheer are still injured. South Africa have 11 players who have played the world cup. Bangladesh may beat India or England in my opinion.


@castro, are you from pakistan?
you always expect everyone to be with open mind, but youself come with closed mind

if you talk here, talk about how your methods in astrology are useful for predictions
but you only talk about players form and injuries which is not astro



 MY PREDICTION: Australia wins the match as it has moon strong in its position.


Sushma, I\'m being realistic, Only one batsmen is on form for India and that is Kohli, Tendulkar is injured, Sehwag has came back and Dhoni, Raina, Yuvraj and Gambhir are out of form. Zaheer is injured, and our pacers are too expensive. The only advantage we are playing at home and our spinners are on form. India\'s first two games will seal the fate of the world cup for them. If they lost to either Bangladesh or England, one of the minnows may obstruct their path and may face a similar situation as of 2007 world cup. Bangladesh may be suprise quarter finalists.

Regarding the astro analysis, Dhoni is going through antardasa of mercury in rahu mahadasha and he will not excel as strongly as he would like too. Since he is captain, his chart is of utmost importance.

I wish India win the world cup.


I am a very passionate cricket fan, more so of India. Let us hope and pray that India will win the world cup.

The horoscope of captain is more important then the country\'s horoscope, since batting order, bowling changes, field settings, strategy will be set up by the captain. It also depends on the moon sign, house and aspects it will receive.


@lavanya, i think you dint understand k.p (SA won easily over aussies)

@castro, almost all birthdates given of captains are wrong . cricketers hide their real age to play at under-19 level and this continues all over their career.
so, best is to follow country\'s chart and moon\'s transition on that particular day when a match is being played.
also horary for that particular time will help.(see IPL 3 predictions thread)

also injuries,form etc are not to be discussed when talking astrology.

a batsman in topmost form can fail if planets are not in favour.

from now on, talk about astrology only, not your personal opinions
All human actions have one or more of these seven causes: chance, nature, compulsion, habit, reason, passion, and desire