INDIA vs AUSTRALIA 2013 Cricket Series Predictions

Started by LEO, February 01, 2013, 12:36:51 PM

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~virgo then it migt not favour both te teams which possibly suggests a low scoring match. it will  be interestingto see what happens tmrw morning. i apologise for my typos n  doubts ope ull  bear with me.thanks  


Indian bowling looks like it lacks penitration to take 20 aussie wickets per match.
Harbhajan is included but may not be effective.

Astrologically, india has better days compared to england series.
But not 100% dominating, as its ASC lord venus is combust


australian bowling is not good enuf to take 20 indian wickets in 4 tests
so, atleast we wont lose this series


in 1st test match, days 1 and 2 are looking okay for india as jupiter and saturn are favoring both teams.
But day 4 looks in india\'s favor as ketu is in 8th house of aussies


lagna lord of australia will be retrograde from 24th and is posited in 6th h from lagna .. what effect will it impact on aus performance .. pls guide ..


look at test matches on a day-to-day basis.
if days 4 and 5 are in favor of a team (moon\'s starlord favoring), they can win
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Star Dust

venus is transiting 6th of aus, 10th of india.
so in this sub, aus will score quickly but cannot fully dominate till 1:31 PM

in sun sub, aus should be losing couple of wickets before 2:50 PM

in moon sub, it will not favor any team
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tomorrow within 1 hr australia shud collapse.
day 2 looks okay for indian batting


again openers failed !
moon sub coming up at 13:15 and not good for india


how is moon sub favoring only aussies ?
so far it looked good for indians only.
what i see is.. tomorrow india will score good and on 4th day aussies should struggle with bat
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