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India VS Pakistan 2012-13 Series Predictions

Started by Anoo, December 22, 2012, 08:45:41 PM

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Captain\'s knock of 113 by Dhoni. Some disciplined bowling effort from India needed to win this match.


[rquote=15481&topic=1821&author=Bhavani]yes. dhoni never lost a match whenever moon transits a star owned by saturn.
but tomorrow in final overs of 2nd session, pak will cause some tension to indians during ketu sub, but as venus sub enters after 5 pm, india should win (similar to 2nd T20)[/rquote]

Because of the 10 am the match may be stretched beyond 5 pm. So there is every possibility of India pulling of a well deserved win


what are the timings of ketu and venus sub?


after 5.17 pm , in Venus sub Pakistan should panic


Venus is transiting in 7th H for Ind and 3rd H for Pak.. So don\'t expect any miracles, guys..

I think Bhavani might\'ve given predictions based on the planetary positions she had calculated for earlier matches. It\'s occasionally a common mistake for everyone.
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guy y everybody became silent :(

must win game for india, come on cheer up:thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

as per my prediction well deserved win for india.


Yes, i think India will win the match while chasing tomorrow.


tough match for india and toss will play an imp role in deciding result of match.......:no:


indian team performance making everybodys prediction wrong.

so most of them lost interest on predicting.