India VS Srilanka 2012 cricket series Predictions

Started by Bhavani, July 17, 2012, 11:27:01 AM

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India will be playing 5 ODIs and 1 T20 vs Srilanka during july 21st - august 7th 2012 in srilanka.

All matches start at 14:30 local time.

1. July 21 - Hambantota
2. July 24 - Hambantota
3. July 28 - Colombo
4. July 31 - Colombo
5. Aug 04 - Palakelle

August 7th - one off T20 match, india vs srilanka at palakelle , 19:00 hrs


good things to see few young chaps for an emerging/renovated men in blue team.


So now tommarow is the match Srilanka vs India.

What are the predictions for this match? anyone?
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1st match is tomorrow noon.
it looks completely in favor of india
lanka may fight back very late during mars sub but no use


yes. 1st match looks in india\'s favor till 10 PM (when moon enters mars\'s sub)
especially match starts in venus sub which is good for india.
they should start the series with a win


before 10pm itself srilanka lose the match....but sangakkara extended to some what...


SasiRekha & Bhavani,

Good Prediction, Girls! Keep Going!! :thumbup:
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Hiii.. good prediction.. the next match.. the winning team would be srilanka? iam trying a new method read it somewhere.. will post after some trials.. probably many people knew this technique


who will win 2nd ODI India vs srilanka


today the match starts with moon in rahu sub and during 1st innings indians will not perform well.
it starts getting favorable under jupiter sub after 5:47 PM and more favorable from 8:52 PM in saturn sub.

ultimately it will be tight finish and should go in india\'s favor