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New Zealand vs India 2020 Series Predictions

Started by LEO, December 31, 2019, 08:18:58 AM

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Astrological Predictions of India tour of New Zealand for 5 T20Is, 3 ODIs, 2 Tests during 24 January - 04 March 2020



5 T20Is :
Jan 24, Fri - 1st T20I - Eden Park, Auckland 08:00 PM
Jan 26, Sun - 2nd T20I - Eden Park, Auckland 08:00 PM
Jan 29, Wed - 3rd T20I - Seddon Park, Hamilton 08:00 PM
Jan 31, Fri - 4th T20I - Westpac Stadium, Wellington 08:00 PM
Feb 02, Sun - 5th T20I - Bay Oval, Mount Maunganui 08:00 PM

3 ODIs :
Feb 05, Wed - 1st ODI - Seddon Park, Hamilton - 03:00 PM
Feb 08, Sat - 2nd ODI - Eden Park, Auckland - 03:00 PM
Feb 11, Tue - 3rd ODI - Bay Oval, Mount Maunganui - 03:00 PM

2 Tests :
Feb 21-25 - 1st Test - Basin Reserve, Wellington - 11:30 AM
Feb 29 - Mar 04 - 2nd Test - Hagley Oval, Christchurch - 11:30 AM


Indians will get enough. Aussies will start giving up between 8:00-8:25pm and lose


Aussies bat well after early hiccups or slow start till 1:50pm. Indians bowl well towards end of 1st innings after 3:50pm.
During chase, Indians are struggling between 7:45-8:55pm and can win only after that


Australia playing as ASC...Heavy struggle awaits Indians between 8 pm to 8:32 pm during chase..If India has wickets intact afterwards, they can make it or else it will be LATE !!!
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Kiwis get good score but Indians chase well from 9:55pm with minor hiccups


NZ bats well, scores good. In second innings, India starts well with the bat but struggles after 10:00 pm. India tries hard after 10:20 pm but not enough to deny Kiwis the win in the end in the second T20.  :(
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Indians bat well between 10:20-11:34pm. Target may not be as high as kiwis wanted


After a tantalizingly poised 2 overs, Kiwis bowl well till 8:47 pm but after that India picks up in last overs to score an average score.
Second innings, India bowls well in the start then struggles till 10:30 pm and after that bowl well till 11:12 pm. If match goes beyond that, Kiwis can come back. India should try to finish it off by 11:12 pm !
Tell Them I Came, But No One Answered And I Kept My Word !!!

Star Dust

Indians are struggling after 9:15pm but still total should be enough to win by 11:13pm
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