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Pakistan Super League 2021 Predictions

Started by Koundinya, February 20, 2021, 08:09:00 PM

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Karachi Kings will win by doing well in 2nd innings after 6:40pm local


Qalandars should win this game after 1:20pm local time


Gladiators should dominate 1st innings and get enough to defend easily


Zalmi should control match after 8:30pm to win


United should control most part of match to win by 8:50pm


Quote from: Paanchajanya on June 13, 2021, 06:27:37 PM
United should control most part of match to win by 8:50pm

The schedule has been shuffled while moving from karachi to Abu Dhabi. Who is Asc and who will be Dsc became a big Q !
Looks like Qalandars will comfortably chase a low score in evening match.

In night match, team that starts well in 1st PP, wins comfortably


Zalmi should get enough on board to defend comfortably


United should bowl well for initial 10 overs, then comeback with bat from 10:30pm and more better from 11pm local


In an on/off match Gladiators should do partially well in 2nd innings from 6:55pm and then after 8pm. But it may not be enough to win ??


In night match, Kings struggle from 12:06 am local and can lose grip by 1:35am. They can only win if match goes beyond that time