West Indies vs South Africa 2021 Series Predictions

Started by Anoo, June 10, 2021, 11:09:23 AM

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Astrological Predictions for South Africa tour of West Indies - 2 Tests, 5 T20Is during 10 June - 03 July 2021



South Africa will struggle in 1st innings but do well in last 2 days. Unless weather interrupts, visitors should win


Windies have more advantage as test goes into days 2,3,4.. They can win unless no more rain breaks


In a flip-flop match, Windies lose control after 4:55pm but is it too late for south african comeback ??


Windies can struggle for some time during initial 30 mins but pickup later. However, proteas attack and take control after 3:40pm to level series


Caribbeans should take lead in series by 5pm by controlling entire 1st innings and then between 3:50-5:00pm


4th T20 looks similar to 3rd.. Proteas fight back slowly after 4pm and more strongly after 5pm. Not easy for hometeam to remain in series


Pollard should win series by 5:15pm. They are not losing unless match delayed till or beyond 5:30pm