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Vitality Blast 2020 T20 Predictions

Started by Varenya, August 12, 2020, 01:30:33 PM

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Astrological Predictions for Vitality T20 Blast Cricket played between 27 August - 03 October 2020 in England



Similar to Caribbean league, this series will also see Asc reversals frequently.
IPL can also follow CPL path. Only issue with IPL and Blast is that Mars will be retrograde from next month and this can impact form/fitness/health of few players.
There can be changes/replacements during series


In All 2pm matches, team doing well in 1st over does very well during 2:30-4:00pm and struggle a bit later, but can win based on what happened till 4pm


In all 6:35pm matches, team doing well in 1st innings struggle from 8pm and lost by 9:30pm


Sussex vs Surrey : Surrey fight ends by 4:30pm

Warwickshire vs Somerset : Team doing well in first 15 mins, struggle between 7:30-9:00pm and makes a late comeback after 9:15pm



Middlesex wins over Kent after some late fight. In all other 2pm matches, team starting well in 1st PP wins


In all 2pm matches, team getting good start will comeback after 4:30


31 Aug 2020 

1:30pm : Gloucestershire can start reasonably well with some hiccups but struggle between 2:00-3:!5pm

2:00pm : Leicestershire vs Durham - Similar story as above


Team that starts well in 1st over, does well again during 7:05-7:40pm but struggle laterif match goes beyond 8:50pm