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Vitality Blast T20 2019 Predictions

Started by Nivedita, July 12, 2019, 06:24:19 PM

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Team which starts well (mostly Middlesex) will finish well in 1st innings and after some fight, will get back from 8:50pm


In all 2:30pm matches today, team getting good start in 1st PP, struggles a bit towards end of 1st innings but ultimately wins


In today 2:30pm matches, Sussex and Lancashire should get good starts and control almost entire 1st innings.
In 2nd innings, they comeback from 5:10pm after some struggle


On Tuesday 27 August, Team getting good start will dominate 1st innings, then comeback after little fight till 8:30pm and win


Today in all 6:30pm matches, team getting good start, struggle after 7:30pm and again comeback after 8:30pm to win


Tonight in all matches, team getting good start wins almost one sided


Team going up and down during 1st hour, struggle between 8-8:30pm but then comesback strongly and enters semis


Team doing well in 1st 30 mins, controls entire match and enters semis


After some intial struggle in between overs 1-2, team which picksup after 6:35pm goes on to enter semis


Gloucestershire should go to semis after struggling till 9:03pm.