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dream i had months ago.
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i just remembered i had a dream about 8 months ago and i asked about it on yahoo but no one answered me and since i barely remember it now id like to post my former question here and see if anyone thinks anything of this? at the time i was in shock with the dream but its been too long for me to feel that way. :)  ok here it goes-

ok so i\'m a 24 yr old mexican girl that has never been to india, knows nothing of hindu, and doesnt even have any indian friends. the only thing i know is that shiva is blue &has a lot of arms but that\'s only because the coffee shop i used to go to had a huge mural of him (i used to think it was a female until last night).

ok so a few months ago i had a dream of a blue man, i regularly look up the different parts of my dreams to find out their meanings and so i looked up \"blue\" and \"man\" but eventually i forgot all about this blue person and i figured it was because of some digestive issues or somethign haha

anyway so a few nights ago i had a dream of a man with a monkey face, (he was a bit on the short side like 5\' 2\" if that matters lol) he was wearing clothing, and he was looking me in the face VERY intensely. i\'m not gonna try to explain the whole dream but he scared me and he was aggressive, didnt hurt me or try to attack me but he broke a door when i tried to get rid of him haha

ANYWAY i woke up and thought it was a weird dream and didn\'t really know what to look up, i looked up \"mutant\", and \"demon\". but didn\'t find either so i forgot all about it until last night-
i was looking up mexican folk art and stumbled on an ebay seller who was selling vintage hindu posters and saw the posters of \"hanuman\" and they scared me! i didnt even want to look at him he scared me so much! but this seller had so many hanuman items that i was ilke \"geez who is this guy??\" so i got my up courage and looked and it said \"lord hanuman\" so i was like \"omg! it looks just like my dream!!\"
causing me to also rememebr the dream i had with the blue man and so i looked up more info on hanuman and shiva.

does anyone think this means something? nothing good or bad happened when i dreamt the blue man so i figured nothing will happen this time either but i was hoping for some blessings of some sort lol okay thanks in advance :)

ok i know now that there are many blue gods in hindu religion but at the time of the dream i didnt know that and this blue person did not have many arms so i guess it was not shiva. im sure it means nothing but it affected me so strongly at the time and it is very interesting i didnt know anything about these gods before the dream!!!!


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dream i had months ago.
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dream i had months ago.
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after seeing hanuman in dream did you face any problems with relations/health/education ?
did you notice any major changes in attitude of people around you or some change within you?


dream i had months ago.
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nothing has changed with other people. i think moreso ive been trying to be less aggressive myself. ive been SLOWLY  changing that.  i wish i could change overight but i cant..sometimes i go back into being aggressive but im trying really hard to be nicer. maybe thats it  :)  i was hoping for some GOOD luck haha

oh and also i dream of things that happen the next day. usually its one aspect only and its always very minor. i always joke-\"why cant it be something important!??\"
also in my dreams the \"predicitons\" are more exaggerated than what happens the next day. so maybe the dream was predicting the photo  of hanuman that i would see the next day.
last night i dreamt of many helicopters flying above my front yard, like 5, but never landing and they were big enough to hold many passengers. i would wave at the passengers everytime one flew down. maybe i\'ll see a few in the sky today lol :)


dream i had months ago.
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flying objects in dream are spiritual powers you acquired from your past lives
infact hanuman is also a flying \'object\'

may be you are intuitive and its getting awakened at times to make you realise that you need to use it more seriously
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dream i had months ago.
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Seetaram, thanks. makes a lot of sense.

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