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it's not a dream!
« on: July 05, 2011, 11:15:26 PM »
hi friends, last month my husband and my son were in the car and my husband was driving...
suddenly an \"EAGLE\" came by and kind of fell on the windshield with a bang sound and pushed itself up and flew away!

we inquired in the places and was told it is good sign and we should visit venkateshwara swamy temple which we just visited last Saturday....

but added to this prior to visiting temple  i had a dream of a dog biting my left hand and an old grand thatha and ajji laughing at me when dog was playfully trying to bite me i was like ho ho ho noise i my dream...

Any input to chat and share your thoughts friends...


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it's not a dream!
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it's not a dream!
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eagle.. may be good luck but you wont see any immediate positive changes in life.
It could just be a signal that you are watched(protected) by forces above !

but dog trying to bite or biting in dream is a warning sign /alarm that you should be cautious with people around you.
You might be hanging around with wrong people(jealous, negative,  bad karma ppl) and dog in dream warns us to change our path and leave such people out of our daily routine


it's not a dream!
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Thank you Varenya, Nice of you to reply for my query.

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