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My dream
« on: January 26, 2011, 03:47:56 AM »
Hello all,
I\'ve just registered in this forum, therefore, a newbie :)
I\'ve a query to ask, hope I\'m taken into consideration :)
From a young age, I \'ve found out that my dreams, usually become true, even if they come in a symbolic way. For example, my examination results, dreams about any accidents or happy events etc.
Now for a few times in last 4 years, I\'ve dreamt that I\'m getting married to the man I love, though I\'m still single. I\'d be much obliged if this dream pattern is interpreted, thank you.


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My dream
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My dream
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these are \'intuitive dreams\' and usually happen to those who have strong 5th house connection with 9th and 1st houses in their horoscopes

hope your love marriage dream also comes true

i know a lady who went to college in her 30s and could see her exam question papers and how much will she score in her dream and she got exactly same number of marks.

for such people, their mind travels during sleep and collects this info
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