i was hiding in an underground bunker kinda

Started by OMkaar, June 02, 2009, 05:22:13 PM

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it was a lush green landscape and i was trying to reach a building with high security in a valley in it.
i slipped from my bike when i saw police chasing me and firing.
i entered into an underground bunker and hide there.
a DON came in and started hitting everyone to find info about a hidden guy(not me)
i opposed him and held his leg and twisted it.
DON was shocked but before he could react police came in and he escaped.
later he was shot in police firing, ending my tension about his revenge.

underground bunker had arms and ammunitions hidden


thats a kool action episode ya...

its seeming a movie scene to me but not remembering me the title ;)


you are currently hiding your ideas and energies
people out there who think they are powerful than you are under estimating you
but pretty soon you\'ll kick them in their back and start dominating them

if this dream came to you after sunrise,then it\'ll happen within few months

they will realise that you are more creative, strong and efficient that you actually look


so... who mite b those omkar???

let us know wt exactly this dream was signing u of sumtng ??