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bad dream

Started by vhk, January 08, 2012, 04:31:30 PM

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my friend had a very bad dream on 6th morning around  5:30 it was something like -her mom leave the house to office shouting at her dad that she will die then by the time my friend comes to home from her office her mom is dead & her dad was not getting the body to the house as it might become a police case and he had a second wife in the same family more than 20 years,her mom came to her in the form of soul and spoke to her saying \"be careful \" and she left my friend wanted to say her mom that \"u talk to me like this every time\" but she couldn\'t.i hope its just a dream & nothing serious


if its serious, you\'ll see something serious in real life within 3 months after this dream.
what i can sense is something serious ofcourse


ill try to the maximum extent (directly or indirectly) that things don\'t go wrong till mid April because she(mom) is the only person for whom this girl is living in that family.she doesn\'t even go home directly from her office   if her mom has gone somewhere out.she hates to live in that family every day,and cry\'s often.she feels her life is full of  darkness.these 3 people(herself,her mom & younger brother)are not at all cared much compared to other 3(step mom,daughter,son)...  thank u very much ...


if you usually dream of someone dying, i think it means something good is going to happen