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dream of relatives

Started by HPG777, March 01, 2010, 01:16:43 AM

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oh really?
well, i hope good days are coming. thanks seet  :)


in my dream i saw my late grand mother saying that she wont come to that place as there was Yama. I was very happy to see her in my dream, but the next day 3 of my close relatives died in an accident.


@babhus sorry for you.
I am just wondering about this spirit thingy. In our culture, if a spirit is still on the earth, it implies that the Spirit has some kind of bondage to the material world which is not good for the spirit itself. (well, in terms of Karma and liberation) what do you guys think about that?
What does it mean If a person who is alive coming in a dream?
I never observed any good thing happening, after I see someone deceased in the dream. But in terms of quality of sleep, I feel very fresh and energetic, in spite of sleeping fewer hours, if I have a temple related dream like visiting shrines/temples, or involving in some kind of religious rituals/Puja/ chanting mantra etc.
I will classify mediocre in terms of quality, if I see my own immediate family members in a dream. If the dream is a work related thing, the quality of the sleep is just a carp