dream of small black snake with yellow eyes

Started by charmvirgo, December 11, 2009, 03:11:54 AM

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Last night, while I was half conscious and half asleep, I dreamt I saw a small, totally jet-black snake about 35cm long, which seemd to be suspended in the air above my bed near my head. It was on my right so I saw it from one side with one little golden-yellow eye looking at me.

I did not see it at first, though I felt this very subconscious awareness of something being there that I had not noticed, but that it wanted to be seen, and then suddely I saw it.

It was laying in the air as straight as a rod and very still, but at the very moment I noticed it, it became very fluid and it moved as quick as lightening inside the bedcovers past my head.
I was very frightened that it might bite me as it briefly passed across my abdomen and into the right side of the bed somewhere. I was thinking I should jump out of the bed once it was clear of me, but I had sleep paralysis and could not, and then my conscious mind said don\'t bother because it was not really there in my bed.

I have never dreamt about snakes before, but I know they are common dream symbols. I wonder what this dream signifies?
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snakes are hidden fears that are rooted to past life activities
your subconscious mind is telling you that its time to clear some karma in this life
clues can be obtained from your present life happenings