dream of water around me everywhere

Started by utkaarsh, December 31, 2009, 05:27:51 PM

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recently had a dream of me being in a huge water body , could not see anything around me but just water ......

had similar dreams before as well but this time was not stuggling to stay afloat ... was in control, travelling thru water with out trouble,

in earlier dreams some how i always use to find myself scared or struggling, but not the last one

any ideas why this happened


water is spiritual progress/power (depending on how pure it is..)
ex : drainage water is worst/lowest power and is bad.
clean water or rain water is good.
sea water etc are average

you just are realising where you are in spiritual path

jayesh the angel

I have seen myself floating above the water, running and walking on water wearing white color. what does that signify


thanks sasirekha to make understand utkarsh\'s dream... i too had these type of dreams whn i was about to start my journey in astrology...i used to see fresh flowing waters from glaceirs and same year later i happened to travel to haridwar n rudraprayag. :)


@ jayesh the angel....i think u r blessed with spiritual powers... and so u shd do reiki or such other mental works ...guessing it works dude. ;)

jayesh the angel

Thank you so much life9+, I am already in to occult, I am deeply interested in astrology, there are 2 reasons for my interest in astrology, 1) I want to self actualize my 100 percent potential. 2) help maximum less fortunate souls on earth, I think I was fortunate to get everything in life whenever I needed something, I am just trying to walk on a spiritual path, lets c if I succeed in it.