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falling of teeth

Started by vhk, July 19, 2012, 05:05:51 PM

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does falling of teeth in dream very often mean while eating guava teeths gets cracked into small pieces and  get chewed and stuck in the throat.


Falling of Teeth symbolizes your fear and lack of confidence. You\'ve to think when, where and with whom you were in your dream when the teeth were falling. This will be directly related with your fear and lack of confidence.

If you were in office or with office mates, you are fearing of losing your control / position in your office or having more job stress / pressure. If you were in school / college, you are fearing about your studies and future. If you were with your wife / partner, you are fearing that you are impotent or you may not be able to satisfy your partner. If you were in a common place, you are fearing of looking fool / ignorant in front of other people. If you were alone, you are fearing that you are getting old. etc.. etc..
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Whoever you are & whatever you do, if your attitude is not good you are just 'Nothing'.


teeth, nails and hair indicate our health in real life.
in dreams they indicate our confidence.

if one of them falls (even hair/nail cut or shave/trimming), it shows lack of confidence and hidden fears