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I had three dreams

Started by rishi8011, October 06, 2009, 09:15:13 AM

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Saw Three dreams,
 Third dream- a simple good lookig girl comes to me, we were sitting and having conversatation after that she got up and went away, while going she  looked sort of unhappy, while she was disappearing my friends tried to convince me that she likes me that\'s why she sat for that long, and had came here to meet you from another town, and they also wanted me tell her that \"I like her\".
I also felt strongly for her and I rushed towards her but till then she went. I also took train (i knew that she live just next station) when i got down to the station I asked a old lady which town is it it was the very beautifull looking town.
Then I started messaging her through mobile and I woke up.

First dream I dont remember exactly, what I remember is that me and my mom preparing puja items in temple specially deepak . I was  in temple and was some sort of tensed. That temple was nearby railway station I guess.This was the first dream I saw .

Second Dream- I saw my village (I have not went there for many years) there in my house my grand father was sleeping  and suddenly the fall over him I rushed there and asked him is he ok? he replied me I am ok but I can saw he was badly hurt. I started removing the debris , big stones while cleaning a big glass was there I got a cut while removing it but still I managed to remove it bearing lots of pain.

Could anyone please help me sorting out my dreams


see the remedies suggested to you last evening in astro reading section are matching to your today early morning\'s dream.

do them asap