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My dreams

Started by anilisanil, March 15, 2010, 12:34:41 PM

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I dream very very occassionally, but I remember my dreams very well.

Most of my child hood, I used to get this weird dream where my dream used to start with me flying in skies. There is no particular way in which i reach the skies, I may just walk and suddenly start flying. I used to fly, fly and fly and suddenly realize that I am not supposed to fly and then start descending down wards. And I never used to know what happens next as I used to wake up.

Another very prominent dream for me is that I forget wearing my shirt and reach my school/college. I used to feel very uncomfortable and chilly and used to wake up.

I am an agnostic, but ocassionally get weird dreams about gods. Once I dreamt where I was tied to a stone like Lord Kirshna and then I started pulling the stone, cudn remember what happened after that.

A few days ago, I saw Lord Balaji. I was sitting on my bed and suddenly The Lord appeared and smiled at me and I smiled back at him and continued eating my food ( I was eating food in the dream) and with in no time I flew in air and fell at his feet and the lord turned into a statue!

Is there any pattern or relation between these dreams? What do they mean?

Star Dust

flying without target in dreams is indication of wandering mind, ill-health, pyschological problems etc.
could be any of above depending on your age, maturity and surroundings

dreams regarding god are useless as long as you dont believe in him
you should only discus dreams when they\'re disturbing your sleep and real life.

In general everyone sees something in dream which only they must try to understand as others cant see into their minds
In a day..when u dont come across any problems... you can be sure that you are traveling in wrong path - SWAMI VIVEKANANDA


You mean to say this is forum is useless and should be used by psychotics and people who are depressed?

Sorry I never knew this, will keep off them.

And for information, agnostic is different from an atheist. Thanks for your valuable info.

Ravi Varma

people can answer only general dreams which occur commonly to many.
seeing a particular god etc are related to your mind only which others cant interpret.

if the question was generalised like \'i see god in my dream\' and if repeats often , then it can be addressed

for answering specific queries, forums are not best place.
you should meet a spiritual guru in person, who can study you deeply and guide you


Well I have seen specific dreams being answered in here and was just curious, I must be an eternal optimist if I expect a complete solution. Forums are just to share knowledge and fun.

No offense meant, but I googled the same after posting it here and found some info on various forums which is no way near to what star dust replied here.

Ravi Varma

may be because those dream interpretors who answered earlier posts didnt visit this site today.
i cant answer about specific god being seen but flying in air is your spiritual power.
everyone has some amount of that from past lives and depending on its strength we either driver a bicycle/car/fly..

you are flying yourself in normal speed like a bird.
which shows some power you acquired over past lives.

i knew few of my friends who have such experiences about lord balaji
surprisingly they\'re all agnostics.
one of them once visited tirupati with family but after entering the temple didnt see god\'s idol.
instead he saw space and stars in that area through the door.


Thanks Ravi  and Jaytee