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Python, Lion etc in a dream

Started by SaSirEkha, September 07, 2009, 03:43:11 PM

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i saw a huge python opening its mouth and showing teeth
it was in a camp tent along with  a lion
tent was in a small island to which i wanted to go but found these animals and stopped

what does aggressive python and a calm  lion in same place signify
i saw my school principal from childhood who stopped me from entering the  tent


one thing i know is seeing wild animals in dreams is bad unless they appear to be tamed to you


suppressed aggressiveness due to unfavourable conditions around you in recent times is shown through a calm lion

danger , if that aggressiveness is activated now, is shown through python being aggressive

may be you\'re going through a dull phase in life where you should just mind your work and let time solve all issues


hmmm i know i have to remain silent and in submissive mode for few days


pythons and anacondas show sins related to sex and its suppressed emotions


To see a island means u will be in comfort and easy circumstances after some worry or after meeting obligations.  To see people on an island, denotes a struggle to raise yourself higher in prominent circles.
Now you saw tiger and snakes on the island so you have  to curb your animal instinct (aggression) like lion was in dream else snakes showing the teeth is indicating danger for you.